What is the most popular name in the Philippines?

What is the most common name in Philippines?

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the most common given names in 2018 were Nathaniel, James, Jacob, Gabriel, Joshua (male) and Althea, Samantha, Angel, Angela, Princess (female).

What is the most popular name in the Philippines girl?

Top five most common names of female babies in the Philippines from 2012 to 2015

Rank 2012 2015
1 Angel Angel
2 Princess Althea
3 Samantha Princess
4 Angelica Ashley

What is the most popular boy name in the Philippines?

Top five most common names of male babies in the Philippines from 2012 to 2015

Rank 2012 2015
1 Daniel Nathaniel
2 Joshua Gabriel
3 James James
4 John Mark Francis

What are unique Filipino names?

Unique Filipino baby girl names

  • Agila. This beautiful name is the Tagalog word for “eagle”. …
  • Agwa. A refreshing name meaning “water”. …
  • Amihan. This powerful Tagalog word refers to the Northeast monsoon and the winter wind.
  • Analyn. A sweet name that means “high pitch”.
  • Angel. …
  • Atarah. …
  • Aurora. …
  • Bernila.
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What is the best Filipino name?

What are the most popular names in the Philippines?

  • Nathaniel – Gift of God.
  • James – One who follows.
  • Jacob – Supplanter.
  • Gabriel – God is my strength.
  • Joshua – The Lord is my salvation.
  • Angelo – Angel or messenger.
  • Nathan – Given.
  • John Mark – God is gracious or warlike.

Is Zia a girl name?

The name Zia is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Radiant. Hebrew, Arabic, and Latin name.

Is Princess a Filipino name?

Princess (English origin) one of the cutest Filipino names for little queens.

What is a Filipino girl called?

Filipino is the Hispanized (or Anglicized) way of referring to both the people and the language in the Philippines. Note that it is also correct to say Filipino for a male and Filipina for a female.

Is Nora a Filipino name?

Nora or Norah is a feminine personal name. It mainly originates as a short form of Honora (also Honoria), a common Anglo-Norman name, ultimately derived from the Latin word Honor (with that meaning).

Nora (name)

Gender Female
Word/name from Norman, in turn from Latin
Meaning “honor”
Region of origin Europe

Is Justin a Filipino name?

Justin is a masculine given name of Latin origin.

Why are Filipino names so long?

The construct containing several middle names is common to all systems, but having multiple “first” names and only one middle and last name is a result of the blending of American and Spanish naming customs.

Why do Filipinos have Spanish names?

Filipino Spanish surnames

The names derive from the Spanish conquest of the Philippine Islands and its implementation of a Spanish naming system. After the Spanish conquest of the Philippine islands, many early Christianized Filipinos assumed religious-instrument or saint names.

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What is a Filipino first name?

Popular Baby Names , origin Filipino

Name Meaning Origin
Abel a breath Filipino
Abraham father of nations Filipino
Adan a form of Adam, of the earth Filipino
Adolpho noble wolf Filipino

What is the most attractive name for a girl?

These are the 100 sexiest girl’s names, according to those in the know.

  1. Adele. Adele is a German name meaning “Noble.” …
  2. Adriana. Adriana is an Italian name. …
  3. Alessandra. The Italian name Alessandra means “Defender of man.” …
  4. Amber. Amber is an English name for a gemstone. …
  5. Anais. …
  6. Aria. …
  7. Ashley. …
  8. Bea.

Is Akira a boy name?

Akira (あきら, アキラ) is a given name present in a few languages. It is a unisex Japanese given name that is predominantly used for males.

Akira (given name)

Gender Unisex, but predominantly Male Unisex
Language(s) Japanese
Meaning many different meanings depending on the kanji used Sunlight
Other names