Quick Answer: Is it easy to be vegetarian in Thailand?

Thailand can be as enjoyable for vegetarians as it is for meat and seafood lovers, but it does take a bit of circumspection. Fish sauce is used like salt here, and chefs have a prevailing fondness for considering shrimp paste and oyster sauce vegetarian.

How is Thailand for vegetarians?

The Thai meaning of ‘vegetarian’

“Vegetarian” loosely translates to “mang sa wirat” (มังสวิรัติ), a word that specifies you don’t eat noticeable pieces of meat or seafood. Everything else — including eggs, meat stock, fish sauce or other animal products — is fair game. Just not chunks of meat.

How hard is it to be vegan in Thailand?

Being vegan in Thailand is easy. … It is always possible to get vegan options in Thai restaurants, since their traditional cuisine is mostly composed of vegetables. The only problem is what they cook with. They tend to use chicken broth and fish sauce in most dishes, so be sure to speak up if you want to avoid these.

Is Thailand vegan friendly?

Thailand is traditionally a Buddhist country and many Buddhists are vegetarian or vegan, making Thai food generally plant based. This has changed over time and meat and seafood are now common ingredients in Thai food, but it’s still vegan-friendly cuisine.

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Is Bangkok good for vegetarians?

It’s not always easy to travel as a vegan, but you can rest assured that in Bangkok, you won’t have much trouble. While it may not seem like it at first glance, the bustling city is home to a wide variety of restaurants and street stalls serving up tasty vegan dishes – you just might need a little help finding them.

Are most Thai people vegetarian?

The concept of vegetarianism to indicate ‘vegetarian diet’ is first mentioned by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos around 500 BCE.


Country Thailand
Vegetarians (% of population) 3.3%
Approx. no. of individuals 2,300,000
Data set year 2015 2016

Is Veg available in Thailand?

Any food without meat qualifies as vegetarian in Thailand, but it still includes dishes with eggs, meat broth, fish oil and the like. If pure vegetarian food is what you want, VEGAN is what you should be asking for. Only then you can rest assured that your meal is free of any animal products or even dairy.

Is there tofu in Thailand?

In Thailand tofu is made fresh daily. Raw soybeans are soaked then milled with water to get soy milk. A coagulated agent is added to curd the tofu.

How do you say vegan in Thai?

The word for vegan is jey (เจ). You can download a printable copy of my business card with these translations to take around with you here. Make sure you always say jey as it is a short word, easy to remember and to copy down the only two Thai script letters that you will need.

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What percentage of Chinese are vegetarian?

Only 50 million people – around 3.6 percent – of the Chinese population are estimated to be vegetarian.

What can you not eat in Thailand?

What Not to Eat and Drink in Thailand

  • Luu moo. The base of luu moo is pig’s blood, which can cause a bacterial infection | © REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo. …
  • Larb leuat neua. …
  • Shark fin soup. …
  • Yum khai maeng da. …
  • Scorpions. …
  • Decorative garnishes. …
  • Kratom leaves.

Is fruit safe to eat in Thailand?

The bad news is that fruits and vegetables can easily carry bacteria, making them unsafe to eat raw. Two top foods to avoid in Thailand are fresh leafy greens and berries, which are especially likely to be contaminated.

Is Thai curry vegan?

Readily available store-bought Thai red curry paste adds characteristic Thai flavor and, bonus, the Thai Kitchen brand is vegetarian. You can make your own if you’re so inclined, though. Feel free to change up the vegetables, as long as you slice them so they’re all pretty small and about the same size.

How do vegetarians eat in Bangkok?

You can (try to) ask for a Pad-Thai with only vegetables and egg or rice with vegetables and with luck the sauce will not be made with fish. In case, that there is something reserved for vegetarians, it will be Tofu, Tofu and more Tofu.