Question: Can I use TV from US to Philippines?

Can I send a TV from US to Philippines?

The answer to this question is yes. It is possible to ship LCD television units from abroad to an address in the Philippines. Using sea cargo forwarder service from LBC, it takes between 30 and 60 days for a balikbayan box to arrive at its destination.

Can you send TV in Balikbayan box?

Special items with special provisions include: Electronics – such as televisions, cell phones, computer desktops, laptops, tablets (iPad, Samsung Tab series), gaming consoles (Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox), gaming controllers and remotes, and two-way radios to name a few.

Can I take my TV to another country?

No, unless you add extra equipment to connect to its HDMI port. The USA uses a digital transmission standard called ATSC which is incompatible with DVB-T and DVB-T2 used in the UK and most of the rest of the world, with the cable and satellite variations being used in the US too.

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Can I use my Samsung TV in another country?

Samsung does not recommend using your TV purchased from India in another country or vice-versa. Furthermore, your TV is not covered under warranty when used in another country.

How can I ship something from USA to Philippines?

The cheapest way to ship to the Philippines is via one of our tracked mail services, such as EMS Parcel Post or DHL eCommerce. These services are generally cheaper than a standard courier service as transit times are longer and they utilize the local postal service in the Philippines to make the final delivery.

Can LBC deliver TV?

Ship all your family’s needs without worrying about the cost and its safety – the latest TV, trendiest bags and shoes, rare food items. Whatever it is, know that LBC has got you covered.

What are not allowed in balikbayan box?

Firearms, guns, gunpowder, ammunition and parts thereof. Explosives like firecrackers, bombs, grenades and dynamite. Flammable and poisonous gases or liquids. Any defense articles or items with military or proliferation applications.

What Cannot be sent in balikbayan box?

The only things you can’t send, according to Philippines Customs, are:

  • Alcohol.
  • Car or motorcycle parts.
  • Ceramic tableware.
  • Cultural artefacts and pottery.
  • Military items.
  • Animal hide, including dog and cat fur.
  • Drugs or a drug paraphernalia – except for prescribed medicines.
  • Firearms and explosives, or parts thereof.

Can you put cell phone in balikbayan box?

The list of special items include: Electronic items like televisions, cell phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, gaming controllers and two-way radios. For gadgets with removable batteries, the batteries must be kept together inside the product, which must be turned off.

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Can you ship a TV on a plane?

Televisions as Checked Bags

Televisions will be accepted on domestic flights as a checked bag as long as they remain in their factory-sealed box and they are within the size and weight requirements. There is no additional bag fee, but a television will count as one checked bag. Oversize and overweight fees may apply.

How do I pack my TV for an international flight?

Please carefully pack your electronics items and make sure all cords are wrapped. While you can pack expensive, fragile electronics items in checked or carry-on bags, we recommend packing them in your carry-on.

How do I turn on location on my Samsung TV?

Samsung Smart Hub Internet Service Location Change

  1. Press the Smart Button on your remote control.
  2. Once Smart Hub shows up from the Samsung remote control press Fast Forward, 2, 8, 9 and then Rewind keys. …
  3. When Internet Service Location Setup appears select the location which you would like to benefit from.

How do I change my location on my smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV Region Switch Guide

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on you remote control.
  2. When Smart Hub has loaded then press », 2, 8, 9, « (fast forward, 2, 8, 9, rewind).
  3. Under Internet service location, select the country you wish to use. …
  4. Once you have selected the country you wish to use, press Next.