How do I change my electricity provider in Singapore?

Sign up with your preferred retailer, who will work with SP Group to make the switch for you. Your last meter reading is required to make the switch. Your retailer will advise you on how and when to submit your meter reading. Alternatively, SP Group will estimate it for you.

How do I change my electricity provider?

How do I switch energy suppliers?

  1. Find a recent energy bill or use our estimation tool. You need to know who your supplier is, and what tariff you’re on. …
  2. Run a quote & select a tariff. …
  3. Check your old account balance. …
  4. Allow for around three weeks for the switch to complete.

Can I switch electricity provider online?

Switching is actually very simple and straightforward. Best of all, there is no upfront fee for switching and switching electricity providers can save you money and can be done over the phone in less than 10 minutes, and it’s even easier to switch online.

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Which is the cheapest electricity supplier in Singapore 2021?

Geneco currently provides the cheapest fixed-price plan for six months as compared to all other energy suppliers in Singapore.

Can I change electricity supplier while in debt?

You’ve been in debt for more than 28 days

If you’ve owed the money to your supplier for more than 28 days, you can’t switch supplier until you’ve paid the money back. You can’t be stopped from switching if it’s your supplier’s fault that you’re in debt – for example because they’ve estimated your bill wrong.

What happens when you switch energy supplier?

Wait to hear from the new supplier – they’ll set up the switch and tell your old supplier. Take a meter reading on the day of the switch to give to your new supplier – this means they won’t charge you for energy used before the switch. Pay your old supplier’s final bill or get a refund if they owe you money.

How long does it take to switch electricity provider?

How long does it take to switch energy suppliers? For suppliers who have signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, it should take around 21 days to switch suppliers, but it can be quicker. However, most suppliers wait until the end of the 14-day ‘cooling off’ period to start the switching process.

Is it worth changing electric suppliers?

Switching energy is easy. It’s the same pipes, gas, meter and safety – you don’t lose supply – the only difference is price and customer service. Yet with the energy market in crisis, there’s currently nothing meaningfully cheaper than the price cap, so for most it won’t be worth switching right now.

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How often can I change electricity supplier?

You can change your energy provider every 28 days. It is important to note that many gas and electricity companies have charges that apply to people who terminate their contract early.

Who has the best rates for electricity?

Hawaii has the highest average electricity rate of 30.55 cents per kilowatt-hour. Louisiana has the lowest average electricity rate of 7.01cents per kilowatt-hour.

What is the current electricity tariff in Singapore?

The current electricity tariff, exclusive of GST, is 25.44 cents per kWh. Residential consumers in Singapore buy electricity from SP Group, a market support services company regulated by the EMA.

Which is the best electricity provider?

Best Electricity & Gas Providers

  • Dodo.
  • Alinta Energy.
  • Origin Energy.
  • EnergyAustralia.
  • Lumo Energy.
  • AGL.
  • Simply Energy.
  • ActewAGL.

How do I switch from SP to wholesale?

Making The Switch

  1. Shop around and check out the price plans that retailers offer. …
  2. Contact your preferred retailer and ask for more information on the price plan you are interested in. …
  3. Sign up with your preferred retailer, who will then work directly with SP Group to perform the switch for you.

How do I switch back to SP Group?

Call SP Group at 1800-222-2333.

You can then choose either one of these options:

  1. Re-contract with your existing retailer, either on your current plan or a new plan.
  2. Switch to a new retailer.
  3. Switch back to SP Group.

Is electricity cheaper at night Singapore?

At the time of writing, the off-peak fixed rate that applies from 11pm to 7am is 22.11¢ per kWh (including GST), while the peak fixed rate that applies from 7am to 11pm is 28.74¢ per kWh (including GST).

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