Can I withdraw money from Maybank Singapore?

Easy access to banking services via ATMs islandwide. Withdraw cash from over 200 ATMs in Singapore via the atm5 shared ATM network with no service fee.

Can I use my Malaysia Maybank ATM card in Singapore?

Enjoy the convenient ability to withdraw cash from both Malaysia and Singapore. The Regional Link between MEPS (Malaysia) and NETS (Singapore) lets Maybank customers enjoy convenient cash withdrawals in both countries.

How do I withdraw money from overseas Maybank?


  1. Login to Maybank2u.
  2. Select Card Management.
  3. Select Overseas ATM Facility.
  4. Select Activate from the drop down list.
  5. Key in the Start Date and End Date.
  6. Select Request for TAC button.
  7. Key in the TAC number.
  8. Confirmation Status will be displayed and SMS will be sent to you on the status of the activation.

Can I use Malaysian debit in Singapore?

Malaysian and Singaporean shoppers can rejoice at the new partnership between Malaysia’s PayNet and Singapore’s NETS that launched a real-time cross-border payment option between the two countries. … “We are delighted that PayNet’s MyDebit ATM cards can now be used in Singapore.

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How much does Maybank charge for overseas withdrawal?

Transaction Fees

Transaction Fee
Cash withdrawal at other domestic banks’ ATMs RM1 per withdrawal (charge will be debited directly from account at the end of each transaction)
Cash withdrawal at international banks’ ATM via PLUS platform RM12 per withdrawal

Can Malaysian Open Maybank account in Singapore?

No, the service for opening a Maybank Malaysia savings account via (Singapore) is currently not available.

How can I use Malaysia Maybank in Singapore?

First, login to (Singapore) to apply. Key in your Username and Password for (Singapore). Click on “Maybank2u@MY” in the left-hand tab. To begin the registration, click “here” for one-time activation.

Can I withdraw Maybank from DBS?

No service fee when you withdraw at over 3,800 Maybank ATMs located in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines! No service fees for cash withdraw at Maybank ATMs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei and Cambodia.

Can Maybank receive money from overseas?

Yes, you do.

Can I use Maybank ATM in Singapore?

Benefits. Cash withdrawals from over 200 ATMs in Singapore via the atm5 shared ATM network with no service fee. Easy funds transfer, payment services and more at Maybank ATMs.

How do I withdraw money from Maybank?

Step 1: Request the Withdrawal Code from sender. Step 2: Go to any Maybank ATM and select Cardless Withdrawal service. Step 3: Enter Transaction ID sent via SMS and Withdrawal Code. Step 4: Collect your cash!

Is Maybank available in Singapore?

Maybank started operations in Singapore in December 1960 as a fully licensed commercial bank, with its first branch at South Bridge Road. Today, Maybank’s 27 service locations in Singapore help to meet the banking and financial needs of corporations and individuals alike.

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How much can I withdraw from Maybank ATM?

Please be advised that effective 13/07/2019, Maybank will increase the maximum daily ATM withdrawal limit from RM5,000 to RM10,000. You may proceed to any of our ATMs to change the withdrawal limit.

Can you withdraw money overseas?

If you’re traveling abroad, you can “transfer” money from your home bank account to an account in your current country without paying these fees. … In both cases, you’ll simply need to visit a local bank branch or ATM and use your home bank’s debit card to withdraw cash from your overseas account.

How do I withdraw money internationally?

How Do You Get Cash When Traveling Internationally?

  1. Order foreign currency from your local bank branch.
  2. Convert currency at the airport.
  3. Exchange currency at your hotel.
  4. Receive change in local currency.
  5. Withdraw money from an ATM.

Can we use Maybank debit card overseas?

You can use your Maybank Visa Debit Card abroad provided you activate the overseas flag prior to your departure. … Your Maybank Visa Debit Card can then be used for retail purchases at any Visa logo merchants.