Best answer: What is the latitude of Metro Manila?

What is the relative location of Manila Philippines?

Satellite view is showing Manila, the national capital of the Philippines, the island nation in Southeast Asia, east of Vietnam and south of Taiwan. The city is located on the island of Luzon, the largest and most populous island in the Philippines, at the estuary of the Pasig River, which flows into Manila Bay.

Is latitude north or south?

Latitude measures the distance north or south of the equator. Lines of latitude, also called parallels, are imaginary lines that divide the Earth. They run east to west, but measure your distance north or south. The equator is the most well known parallel.

What is the exact location of the Philippines based on latitude?

GPS Coordinates and Borders of the Philippines

The Philippines are located at a latitude of 14° 34′ 59.99″ N and a longitude of 121° 00′ 0.00″ E. The latitude of the Philippines expresses the country’s location relative to the equator. That said, the Philippines is above the equator and part of the northern hemisphere.

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How do you read latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude are broken into degrees, minutes, seconds and directions, starting with latitude. For instance, an area with coordinates marked 41° 56′ 54.3732” N, 87° 39′ 19.2024” W would be read as 41 degrees, 56 minutes, 54.3732 seconds north; 87 degrees, 39 minutes, 19.2024 seconds west.

What is the nearest latitude of Manila?

The latitude of Manila, Philippines is 14.599512, and the longitude is 120.984222.

Manila, Philippines Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country Phillipines
Latitude 14.599512
Longitude 120.984222
DMS Lat 14° 35′ 58.2432” N
DMS Long 120° 59′ 3.1992” E

What is Metro Manila region?

The National Capital Region (NCR), also known as Metropolitan Manila, is the country’s political, economic, and educational center. The smallest region in the Philippines, it is the most densely populated region which is a home to over 12 million Filipinos.

Is latitude always north?

While lines of latitude run across a map east-west, the latitude indicates the north-south position of a point on earth. Lines of latitude start at 0 degrees at the equator and end at 90 degrees at the North and South Poles (for a total to 180 degrees of latitude).

How do you determine latitude?

To figure out your latitude, you can measure the angle of the North Star, called Polaris, above the horizon. That is your latitude. Or, if it’s during the day, you can measure how far below a vertical line the Sun is at exactly noon (when the shadows are shortest) on March 21st or September 21st.

Is latitude east and west?

Lines of latitude run east and west. Lines of latitude run horizontally around the Earth and tell you how far north or south you are from the Equator.

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What is the approximate latitude and longitude of Mecca Saudi Arabia?

Mecca, Hejazi, Saudi Arabia Lat Long Coordinates Info

Country Saudi Arabia
Latitude 21.422510
Longitude 39.826168
DMS Lat 21° 25′ 21.0360” N
DMS Long 39° 49′ 34.2048” E

What is latitude on a map?

Latitude is a measurement on a globe or map of location north or south of the Equator. Technically, there are different kinds of latitude, which are geocentric, astronomical, and geographic (or geodetic), but there are only minor differences between them.

How do you find the latitude and longitude on a map?

Latitude is indicated on a map by a series of evenly-spaced horizontal lines running from one side of the map to the other, while longitude is indicated by a series of evenly-spaced vertical lines running from top to bottom. Look for numbers along the edges of the map giving coordinates for each line.