Best answer: What is foreign company in Myanmar?

How do I register my foreign company in Myanmar?

Registration of Foreign Companies

  1. Check availability of company name. …
  2. Obtain company registration forms from DICA or through the DICA website. …
  3. Submit signed company registration documents to DICA. …
  4. Pay registration fee. …
  5. Obtain temporary registration and Permit to Trade (if desired)

Can foreigners do business in Myanmar?

The Myanmar representative office

Local regulations stipulate that foreign companies can open representative offices in Myanmar. While the representative office can be 100% foreign owned, it is not allowed to pursue production-related or commercial activities in Myanmar.

How many types of companys are there in Myanmar?

There are two types of company in Myanmar: the company, which received approval from the Commission of Myanmar Investment (often called the MIC Inc.) or standard company that is registered under the Companies Act Myanmar (often called MCA Inc. or Decca company to be registered with the Directorate of Investment and …

What is the biggest company in Myanmar?

Myanmar is a country rich in jade and gems, oil, natural gas and other mineral resources. In 2013, its GDP (nominal) stood at US$56.7 billion and its GDP (PPP) at US$221.5 billion.

Notable firms.

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Name Myanmar Airways International
Sector Airlines
Headquarters Yangon
Founded 1993
Notes Airline

How do I get a business license in Myanmar?

Registration of Myanmar Public Companies

  1. Check availability of company name at DICA. …
  2. Obtain company registration forms at DICA (or online) and pay stamp duty. …
  3. Submit signed company registration forms at DICA and pay registration fee. …
  4. Incorporation certificate. …
  5. Prepare for business commencement.

What business can I do in Myanmar?

Myanmar is rich in mineral resources as well as fertile lands. Therefore you can start agriculture or manufacturing and allied business in Myanmar.

25 Business Ideas in Myanmar

  • Mechanized Farming. …
  • Aquaculture. …
  • Food Processing. …
  • Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing. …
  • Furniture Making. …
  • Handicraft Store. …
  • Gems Trading.

How do I buy stock in Myanmar?

Investor needs to visit preferable securities company and submit the application form to open securities trading account. A Securities Company will issue the Recommendation Letter on next business day, which enable applicant to open special bank accounts for securities trading in Myanmar.

What is Myanmar investment law?

The Myanmar Investment Law contains provisions to protect investors and their investments in Myanmar. In order to implement these provisions, the Myanmar Investment Commission formed the necessary committees and sub-committees to assit in investment matters.

How do I create a company in Myanmar?

The first step in company incorporation is to apply for a Business Incorporation Certificate from DICA, with the submission of certain documents:

  1. Form A of the Myanmar Companies Regulation 1957.
  2. Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  3. Duly completed questionnaire form.
  4. Intended activities to be performed.
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How do I register my small business in Burma?

New company registrations can be completed via Myanmar Companies Online (MyCO), following the commencement of the Myanmar Companies Law (2017). Established by DICA, MyCO acts as a public registry of all companies and entities registered under the Myanmar Companies Law (2017).

What is meant by the term public limited company?

12 min read. A Public Limited Company under Company Act 2013 is a company that has limited liability and offers shares to the general public. Its stock can be acquired by anyone, either privately through (IPO) initial public offering or via trades on the stock market.

What is the best company in Myanmar?

The 2020 Winners of the “Best Companies to Work as the corporate field in Myanmar are

  • Grand Royal Group International Co. Ltd.,
  • Maersk Myanmar.
  • Mascon International Business Services Co. Ltd.,
  • Nestle Myanmar (Trading) Ltd.,
  • Super Seven Stars Group.
  • uab bank Ltd.,
  • Unilever EAC Myanmar Co. Ltd. …
  • Yoma Bank.

How many public companies are there in Myanmar?

After a few years of training under YSX’s supervision, they will be able to uplist to the main exchange. While there are currently more than 260 public companies registered under the Myanmar Companies Law, only six public companies are listed on the YSX.