What if a monkey bites you in Thailand?

Do monkeys carry rabies in Thailand?

Although rarely reported, documented cases of rabies infections in NHPs and subsequent transmission to humans do occur, warranting the need for rabies postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) after NHP exposure in countries to which rabies is endemic.

Location No.
Monkey Beach 15
Lopburi Monkey Temple 8

What happens if you get bitten by a monkey?

Risks from monkey bites include serious wound infections, herpes B virus, and rabies. If a person is bitten or scratched by a monkey, the wound should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.

Are monkeys legal in Thailand?

Pig-tailed macaques are protected by law in Thailand, where it’s illegal to own them unless they’re captive-bred. Violators can be fined or sentenced to two years in prison, although such a sentence has never been handed down, Wiek says.

Does Monkey Bite require rabies vaccination?

Health authorities and policy-makers should ensure rabies control within monkey populations, and appropriate supplies of post-exposure rabies treatment and antibiotic prophylaxis for bitten people.

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Is Thailand a rabies free country?

Through mass dog vaccination, and improved access to life-saving rabies PEP, Thailand has reduced the number of human rabies cases by more than 90% since the 1980s.

How common is rabies in Thailand?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) estimates that Thailand has 10 million stray dogs, with 1 in 10 dogs in Bangkok suspected to be infected with rabies.

Why do monkeys bite humans?

“He’s telling the human that he is uncomfortable and basically to go away. This is the expression adult macaques give to their kids to reprimand them.” And if tourists don’t “listen,” the monkey will get nervous and is more likely to attack, Marechal says. “Generally, macaques are not aggressive,” she says.

Do all monkeys carry rabies?

Only monkeys of the macaque family serve as the natural reservoir for B virus infection. No other primates carry any risk of B virus transmission unless they have had the opportunity to become infected by a macaque.

What do you do if a monkey attacks you?

What to do if you are attacked? Do not run away or show fear – this will just tell the monkey that you are inferior and their aggression could intensify. Back away slowly, don’t turn your back on the monkey but do avoid making eye contact. Show the monkey that you are not holding anything in your hands.

Can I buy a baby monkey in Thailand?

A provision in Thai law permitted individuals to possess as many as two primates or other wild animais of the same species – « a potential pair to promote breeding » – even though their capture and sale was prohibited.

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How much is a monkey in Thailand?

Prices of the monkeys range from 1,000 US dollars per head up to 4,000 dollars for the more “exotic” or rare species. We are looking in to the trade in Lions, Giraffes and birds at the moment.

Are monkeys sacred in Thailand?

Monkeys, who according to Hindu tradition are descendants of the god Hanuman, continued living a life fit for kings on Saturday in the Thai city of Lopburi, where local authorities feed them twice a day and let them roam freely around its streets and temples.

Can rabies be cured?

Once a rabies infection is established, there’s no effective treatment. Though a small number of people have survived rabies, the disease usually causes death. For that reason, if you think you’ve been exposed to rabies, you must get a series of shots to prevent the infection from taking hold.

How do you know if a monkey has rabies?

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Rabies?

  1. irritability or aggressiveness.
  2. excessive movements or agitation.
  3. confusion, bizarre or strange thoughts, or hallucinations.
  4. muscle spasms and unusual postures.
  5. seizures (convulsions)
  6. weakness or paralysis (when a person cannot move some part of the body)

Can I take rabies vaccine after 10 days?

The first dose of the 5-dose course should be administered as soon as possible after exposure. This date is then considered day 0 of the post exposure prophylaxis series. Additional doses should then be administered on days 3, 7, 14, and 28 after the first vaccination.