What happens if a foreigner dies in Thailand?

In case a non-Thai national, also known as a foreigner, dies in Thailand, then the relevant authorities will contact the embassy that will notify the relatives of the deceased person about the foreigner’s death.

Can foreigners be buried in Thailand?

Thai local authorities need a Consular Letter from the embassy before they release the body for burial, cremation or repatriation. The next of kin must provide proof they are related to the person that died and inform the embassy in writing who they have requested to make the arrangements.

What happens when a Thai person dies?

Thai Buddhist funerals generally consist of a bathing ceremony shortly after death, daily chanting by Buddhist monks, and a cremation ceremony. Cremation is practised by most peoples throughout the country, with the major exceptions being ethnic Chinese, Muslims and Christians.

Can foreigners inherit property in Thailand?

The answer to the question ‘can a foreigner inherit land in Thailand’ is yes, as a statutory heir, but he cannot register ownership of the land because he will not be given permission. Under present law he must dispose of the land within a reasonable period (meaning up to 1 year) to a Thai national.

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How do I get a death certificate in Thailand?

To obtain a certified copy of a death certificate, you will need to go to your local district office. Do not forget to bring a valid identification. The registry personnel will ask for your ID in order to confirm your identity and make sure that you have the right to obtain the certificate.

What happens if my Thai wife dies?

When your wife dies her assets will be divided according to her last will and testament or when there is no Will her assets will be distributed amongst her legal heirs.

How much is a funeral in Thailand?

Phra Khru Pariyat showed bills for different funerals at Wat Hua Lamphong: The cheapest was about 8,000 baht, while those that lasted longer and required more items cost more than 50,000 baht, some close to 100,000 baht.

Do Thai people bury their dead?

As mentioned above with a Buddhist funeral, it is uncommon for the Thai to bury their deceased. In the Buddist tradition, there is a cremation after the funeral ceremony. What happens to the ashes after the ceremony depends on the family.

What happens on the 7th day after death?

Mourning and remembering the deceased

Ceremonies, rituals, and mourning last up to 100 days. On the 7th day after the funeral, the family believes the soul of the deceased will visit. They stay in their rooms and powder is sprinkled around the door to confirm their presence.

What is dating like in Thailand?

Dating sites are good in the sense that most Thai women are very reserved, and you might get to know them well via chatting or calling first than meeting them face to face right away. Another thing that one should remember is that Thailand is a monogamous culture, meaning that men can only take one woman as a wife.

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How much does it cost to make a will in Thailand?

The cost of making a Last Will And Testament at Key Visa Company is only 12,000 Thai baht.

Is there inheritance tax in Thailand?

Inheritance tax is levied at a flat rate of 5% if the heir is a direct ascendant or descendant of the deceased. Inheritance of the spouse is exempt from inheritance tax. Inheritance tax is levied at a flat rate of 10% for all other heirs.

Do you need a will in Thailand?

Unless the foreigner is a resident or has his/her habitual residence in Thailand, owns real estate or is married to a Thai national there is no specific need for foreigners to make a separate Last Will and Testament for assets in Thailand or a Thai Will with the same content as a the Last Will made by the foreigner in …

How do you repatriate a body?

How to repatriate a body abroad

  1. Notify the relevant authorities about the death. …
  2. Inform the coroner that you’d like to repatriate the body overseas. …
  3. The coroner will issue ‘Out of England’ certificate. …
  4. Determine whether a post-mortem is needed. …
  5. Arrange the relevant documents. …
  6. Prepare the body for repatriation.

How much does it cost to repatriate a body to the UK?

‘ Excluding the funeral, an example cost of repatriating the mortal remains back to, say, the United Kingdom from Australia is approximately $13,000 to $17,000, or from Spain, around $4,700 to $6,500.