What cash crop is associated with the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia?

Which cash crop is associated with the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia?

Opium production in Myanmar is the world’s second-largest source of opium after Afghanistan, producing some 25% of the world’s opium, forming part of the Golden Triangle. In recent times however, opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar has declined year-on-year since 2015.

What is the most common crop in the lowlands of mainland Southeast Asia?

On mainland Southeast Asia, rubber is the most common crop in the lowlands.

What is the chief product of the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia quizlet?

The chief product of the “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia is gold. Vietnam is the most urbanized country in Southeast Asia, and is 100 percent urbanized.

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What is the main illegal product being produced in Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle?

It is also famous worldwide as the site of the so-called Golden Triangle, one of the two main areas of illegal opium production in Asia and one of the largest in the world for that matter.

Where is the Golden Triangle Thailand?

Known to locals as Sop Ruak, the Golden Triangle is the English-language nickname for the hilly, forested area in the north of Thailand, where it meets Laos and Myanmar.

What is Golden Triangle famous for?

The notorious Golden Triangle represents the region coinciding with the rural mountains of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. It is Southeast Asia’s main opium-producing region and one of the oldest narcotics supply routes to Europe and North America.

What product has been grown in the Golden Triangle region of northern mountainous Southeast Asia?

In the mountains of northern Southeast Asia is also called Golden Triangle, one of the main cash crops has been historically opium, grown by local farmers for global drug trade.

Which country in Southeast Asia contains the largest area of lowlands?

The most extensive coastal lowland is the lower Mekong basin, which encompasses most of Cambodia and southern Vietnam. The Cambodian portion is a broad, bowl-shaped area lying just above sea level, with numerous hill outcrops jutting above the landscape; at its centre is a large freshwater lake, the Tonle Sap.

What country of Southeast Asia is the most highly urbanized?

Singapore leads the region in urbanization and economic development—with levels that put it among the world’s leaders such as the U.S., Japan, Canada, and Australia.

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What the chief product of the Golden Triangle is?

The chief product of the “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia is gold.

What are the three great river systems on which life in South Asia depends?

While much of the region is mountains or plateaus, broad lowlands are also major physical features. The Ganges, the Indus, and the Brahmaputra river valleys have fertile, productive soil that the large populations in the region depend on for food.

Where is insular Southeast Asia located?

The insular region of Southeast Asia includes the countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Of the Southeast Asian countries, East Timor most recently gained its independence, as was mentioned in the previous lesson.

What is the Golden Triangle country?

The ‘Golden Triangle’ is situated in South-East Asia and comprises parts of Myanmar, Thailand, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Vietnam. state of India having a common border with Myanmar, were HIV positive.

Why is it called Golden Triangle?

The Golden Triangle

he term “Golden Triangle” refers to the border regions between Thailand, Burma and Laos and when gold was used by Chinese traders to pay for opium grown there. ithin Southeast Asia the term is synonymous with the opium and heroin trade.

What is Golden Triangle Upsc?

The Golden Triangle – UPSC GS-III Notes. The Golden Triangle is located in the area where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers.