Quick Answer: What do you think are the major contributions of science and technology to the Philippine nation building Brainly?

What do you think are the major contributions of science and technology to nation building?

Science and Technology hold the key to the progress and development of any nation. Technology plays a Fundamental role in wealth creation, improvement of the quality of life and real economic growth and transformation in any society.

What influences development of science and technology in the Philippines?

The colonization of the Philippines contributed to growth of science and technology in the archipelago. The Spanish introduced formal education and founded scientific institution. During the early years of Spanish rule in the Philippines.

How do government policies in science and technology contribute to nation building?

Government policies pertaining to science and technology

Related policies—with respect to educating the public, issuing patents, and developing human capital by nurturing a new generation of professionals and scientist with energy expertise—also have a critical role to play.

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What is science and technology and nation building?

Afterword: S&T Towards Nation-Building. Nation-building is a process with an end goal of establishing common interests, goals and preferences among citizens of a country towards the formation of that country where the people have no intentions of separating themselves from one another (Alesina and Reich 2015).

What is the role of science and technology in your life?

Through science and technology, it is easier for inhabitants to communicate with other people around the globe. It is also significant in the field of business because transactions and other events are done through the computer. Science and technology enables every people to live in an easy and modern way of life.

How does science contribute to economic development?

Expanded scientific activity is thought to benefit national economic development through improved labor force capacities and the creation of new knowledge and technology. However, scientific research activity expands as a global process and reflects the penetration of societies by a general rationalistic world culture.

How is science and technology in the Philippines?

Recently, the Philippines ranked 73rd out of 128 economies in terms of Science and Technology and Innovation (STI) index, citing the country’s strength in research and commercialization of STI ideas.

What are the significant contribution of Americans to the development of science and technology in the Philippines?

The progress of science and technology in the Philippines continued under American rule of the islands. Science during the American period was inclined towards agriculture, food processing, forestry, medicine and pharmacy.

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What is the status of science and technology in the Philippines?

Despite challenges from the pandemic and decreasing budget for research and development (R&D), the Philippines claimed the 51st spot out of 132 economies in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 report.

How can science influence government policies answer?

Answer: Science should influence politics by providing factual evidence for politicians to act on, eg evidence of the causes of climate change and global warming.

What are the advantages of science and technology to the society?

The advantages of Science and Technology are:

  • It will make our life easier.
  • It helps us organize our daily activities.
  • This helps our work can be done faster.
  • It helps us to communicate more easily with others.
  • This helps us to better know and understand other cultures and societies.