Quick Answer: Can I use Thai basil in tea?

It’s a refreshing drink that is also an aid for digestion. Place in a glass jar with water and place in the sun.

How do you make Thai basil tea?

What You Do

  1. Boil water.
  2. Add basil flowers (leaves and stems too, if using), steep overnight.
  3. Strain through cheesecloth.
  4. Add lemon juice and maple syrup, stir to dissolve.
  5. Serve over ice.

What kind of basil is used for tea?

Tulsi or holy basil is known for its restorative properties makes a wonderful tea. It can also be used in cooking and provides a sharper flavor than a sweet basil, but is just as complex. Sweet or ‘Genovese’ basil is a must.

What can you use Thai basil for?

Thai basil is wonderful eaten raw, slivered, and added to salads, both your plain old cucumber-tomato salad or something meaty like northern Thai larb. But its hardy leaves stand up especially well to cooking—their flavor infuses readily into food and the leaves don’t wilt quite as much as Italian sweet basil’s would.

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Can I use Thai basil instead of basil?

Can you substitute Thai basil for sweet basil? Not really. The strong anise flavor of Thai basil makes it incomparable to sweet basil in terms of flavor.

Can basil be used as a tea?

Essential oil of holy basil is distilled from leaves and flowers of the plant. You can also make holy basil tea using the leaves, flowers, or dried leaf powder. The herb can also be used to make freshly brewed tea by placing 2–3 teaspoons of holy basil in a cup of boiling water and letting it steep for 5–6 minutes.

Can I use basil flowers in tea?

Simply add freshly cut basil flowers to a teacup or pot of boiling water, and let steep for several minutes. Strain the tea through a tea strainer or standard kitchen strainer, and enjoy!

What is the difference between Thai basil and sweet basil?

But setting looks aside, Thai basil is spicy with an anise, or licorice-like flavor, while sweet basil has a more mild peppery and sweet taste (for reference, sweet basil is commonly used as a main ingredient in Genovese-style pesto).

Is Thai basil and cinnamon basil the same?

Cinnamon basil is a type of basil (Ocimum basilicum). The term “cinnamon basil” can refer to a number of different varieties of basil, including as a synonym for Thai basil (O. basilicum var. thyrsiflora), as a particular cultivar of Thai basil, and as a separate cultivar in its own right (i.e., O.

Is Lemon Basil the same as Thai basil?

Lemon basil is the least commonly used type of basil in Thailand. It is also known as Thai lemon basil, in contradistinction to Mrs. Burns’ Lemon basil, another cultivar.

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Can you eat Thai basil stems?

You can eat them but if the flower buds have opened the stalk will be woody.

What herbs go with Thai basil?

Herbs and Seasoning: mint, oregano, chili, garlic, chives, ginger, capers, curry, coconut milk.

Should you let Thai basil flower?

Check your basil plants frequently for flowers, and if you see any, pinch them off right away. If the flower stems are too woody to pinch (often the case with Thai basil), cut them off with shears. A plant allowed to flower will soon go to seed, stop growing, and die, so be vigilant about removing flowers.

Is Thai basil healthy?

Thai Basil is a great and excellent source of vitamins and essential nutrients. There are a lot of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in Thai basil that are not listed here such as vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acid.

Can you use Thai basil for Italian food?

What is Thai basil, and can you use Italian basil in its place? … Its leaves are sturdier and stand up to heat better than those of Italian basil, so it can be added during cooking versus as a finishing touch.

Can I use Thai basil in Italian dishes?

You can do the same recipes as basil, either mixing the two (they go very well together IMO) or using just Thai. The result will not be the same, as of course Thai has a different flavor, but interesting nonetheless.