How much does a lunch cost in Singapore?

What is the average price of a meal in Singapore?

Average Daily Costs

While meal prices in Singapore can vary, the average cost of food in Singapore is SG$30 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Singapore should cost around SG$12 per person.

How much does it cost to eat at a restaurant in Singapore?

Prices in restaurants in Singapore.

Meal in a cheap restaurant 14 SGD (6.00-30) 10 USD (4.40-22)
Cappuccino (regular) 5.60 SGD (3.40-8.00) 4.10 USD (2.50-5.90)
Espresso Coffee 3.90 SGD (2.40-5.60) 2.90 USD (1.80-4.10)
Cheeseburger (fastfood) 2.40 SGD (2.10-3.00) 1.80 USD (1.50-2.20)

How much is a cheapest meal in Singapore?

Cheap Hawker Meals From $0.90 to $3 in Singapore!

  • Rahmath Muslim Food.
  • Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle Yong Tau Fu.
  • Bee Kee Wanton Noodles.
  • Li Xing Nasi Lemak.
  • Dapur Asiah.
  • Song Han Carrot Cake.
  • Ma Bo Lor Mee.
  • Lai Xing Cooked Food.
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How much is food in Singapore?

Eating In. If you cook at home, your average monthly personal food costs should come up to only about S$200 per person for basic meat and vegetables. For a couple eating out, average monthly food cost can range around S$1,000 – S$1,200 depending on their eating choices.

How much does a banana cost in Singapore?

Food prices from our Cost of Living Section

Markets Edit
Banana (1 lb) 1.35S$
Oranges (1 lb) 2.05S$
Tomato (1 lb) 1.40S$
Potato (1 lb) 1.20S$

Is $10 a meal expensive?

If you go out for lunch Monday through Friday for a year, you might spend $10 a meal – a pretty good deal at most dining establishments. This adds up to $50 weekly. It’s also easy to spend that amount if you go out to dinner two or three times a week.

How much should packed lunch cost?

Based on 2012 food prices, the observed median food costs for homemade packed lunches, replicated school lunches, and convenience packed lunches were $1.55, $2.11, and $2.12 respectively (Figure 1).

What is a good lunch budget?

According to a 2015 survey, Americans spend an average of $20 per week eating out for lunch, which adds up to $1,043 per year. Of course, that number doesn’t include takeout or meals from home. All told, we spend a little over $50 a week on lunch, or a shade under $3,000 for the year.

Is food cheaper in Singapore?

Singapore is cheap. This is something you will not hear from many tourists who go to visit the popular island state. As such, the fact that Singapore has one of the most affordable food prices in the world may be a little hard to “swallow” at first.

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Is it cheap to eat out in Singapore?

Dining out in Singapore can be expensive; we are, after all, one of the most expensive cities to live in. But it’s possible to dine on a dime if you know where to look.

Is street food expensive in Singapore?

You can get a simple inexpensive plate of food at a Hawker Centre for Sgd$3-5. Juice drinks can cost Sgd$1.50-2.00. A local coffee or tea drink from a stall can be under Sgd$2. Something like Roti Prata or a Popiah can be Sgd$2-3.

How can I eat cheap in Singapore?

When you’re a traveller that can be hard, so here’s our guide to cheap eats in Singapore.

  1. Hawker Stalls. The hole in the wall food stands at markets and food courts may look like simple fare, but the Hawker stalls have some of the best traditional food in Singapore. …
  2. Dine In Neighbourhoods. …
  3. Happy Hour. …
  4. H2O. …
  5. Ask the Locals.

How much does a coffee cost in Singapore?

Singapore is ranked 20th most expensive city for coffee with coffee priced at $2.33(S$3.30) per cup.

How much is the cost of living in Singapore per month?

Summary about cost of living in Singapore, Singapore: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,586$ (4,868S$) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 987$ (1,340S$) without rent. Singapore is 16.09% less expensive than New York (without rent).