How can I buy stamps in Singapore?

You can order stamps at SG’s designated Public Postal licensee Singapore Post’s (SingPost) online store, that sells limited edition stamps, first day covers and and other postal-related premiums. But if you need them stat, you can head down to SingPost’s post offices, or the authorised postal agencies listed here.

Does 711 sell stamps in Singapore?

So the answer is YES 711 do sell stamps. Plus you can get it from any of the multiple conveyance stores near you.

How much do stamps cost in Singapore?

Local Postage Rates

LOCAL POSTAGE RATES (inclusive of 7% GST)
Weight Step Up to Basic
100g $0.90
250g $1.15
500g $1.70

Can I buy a stamp online?

Can I purchase USPS postage online? Yes. You can buy directly from USPS or print the stamps yourself using a digital service like SendPro Online. SPO offers discounts on first class and commercial postage and can be much more convenient.

Can you buy stamps in newsagents?

Stamps are sold in most newsagents and convenience stores. No need to seek out a Post Office. 4.

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Can I use 2 first local stamps Singapore?

First Local stamps are used to post mail items of up to 20g within Singapore, while Second Local stamps are used to post mail items of up to 40g within Singapore.

Can you buy stamps from 711?

Variety Of Stamps At 7-Eleven

They don’t sell individual stamps and so you will have to buy a booklet of stamps, which normally consists of twenty stamps. However, some stores may sell single stamps if you request them but that is highly unlikely, and you will have to ask the store if they can do that for you.

How many stamps do I need for 500g letter?

If you’re doing it this way, says you will need 2 first class or second class stamps for a letter weighing 0 – 100 grams, 3 first class or 2 second class stamps for a letter 101-250 grams, 3 first or second class stamps for a letter 251 – 500 grams, and 4 first or second class stamps for anything …

Do Singapore stamps expire?

Do Stamps Expire? In short – NO, they do not ever expire as long as they can be validated as legitimate postage.

What is the best way to buy postage online?

The most direct way to purchase postage online is through the United States Postal Service (USPS) at On the site, you can buy stamps or shipping labels for larger packages. You can also schedule a pick-up for items that you’re mailing, so you don’t have to go to your local post office at all.

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Is it cheaper to buy stamps online?

You can get stamps cheaper than they cost at the Post Office right now on Amazon. USPS Forever Stamps Four Flags 90 Stamps – 5 x ATM Booklets of 18 would regularly be priced $0.49 a piece but you can get them for $0.47 a piece.

Is it cheaper to pay for postage online?

Online Postage is a free service; you simply pay the normal price for your postage.

Which supermarkets sell stamps?

Asda sells standard Royal Mail stamps, including standard first class, standard second class, large first-class, and large second class stamps. You can use these stamps to post letters, cards, and documents within the UK. They also sell stamps in bundles of either four, six, or 12, both in-store and online.

Do Wilkinsons sell postage stamps?

Wilko Alphabet Stamps 26 pack | Wilko.

Can I buy stamps at Tesco?

Customers can find postage stamps at the cigarette kiosk or customer service desk within Tesco stores.