Can I send a cell phone to the Philippines?

Sending a cell phone to the Philippines requires the use of an international courier. Depending on the courier used, you may have to pay an extra fee to have the package insured, in case the package gets lost or damaged. Some already have the packages automatically insured.

How much does it cost to ship a phone to the Philippines?

Country Conditions for Mailing – Philippines

Weight not over (lbs.) Parcel Post Rate
1 $15.25
2 19.75
3 24.50
4 28.20

Can you mail cell phones internationally?

Cell Phones Contain Lithium Ion Batteries

When you ship with USPS, you can ship a phone with any air-based service, such as First Class Package. You just need to affix this special UN3481 label to the outside of your box, and you’ll be all set!

Can I send Iphone to Philippines?

You can purchase a phone, however they will not ship it to the Philippines. They will ship it to you. However, you need to ensure that you purchase an unlocked phone from Apple, and the warranty of the device is only good here in the US, so the device would have to be shipped back to you to bring to an Apple store.

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How do I ship my Iphone from US to Philippines?

Shop From Apple US and Ship to Philippines

  1. ➡️ Check Out More Tips HERE.
  2. Step 01: Go to the Official Site of Apple US.
  3. Step 02: Sign up or Login To Your Apple Account For Faster Check Out.
  4. Step 03: Browse Your Favorite Products and Hit “Add to Bag”
  5. Step 04: Review Your Basket and Proceed to “Checkout”

What is the cheapest way to ship to the Philippines?

The cheapest way to ship to the Philippines is via one of our tracked mail services, such as EMS Parcel Post or DHL eCommerce. These services are generally cheaper than a standard courier service as transit times are longer and they utilize the local postal service in the Philippines to make the final delivery.

Is there a USPS in Philippines?

The United States Postal Service delivers mail and packages to the Philippines but it is the Philippine Postal Service that will physically deliver the mail or package.

Can you mail iPhone internationally?

You may ship an iPhone locally or internationally using FedEx’s great service, which will undoubtedly satisfy you. Shipping costs between $30 and $100, based on the shipment destination.

Can I send a cell phone in the mail?

In the event the package cannot be shipped directly from the retailer, you can ship most consumer-type lithium batteries and electronic devices containing lithium batteries—including power banks, laptops, tablets, and cell phones—safely and easily if certain precautions are taken.

Can I send iPhone via DHL?

Yes, DHL Parcel UK will carry mobile phones through their UK and ROI network. With adequate cover and sensible packaging to guard against damage, you can send mobiles quite safely through the post.

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Does FedEx deliver in the Philippines?

Do FedEx, UPS, and USPS Ship to the Philippines? Yes, all the major international courier ships to the Philippines. This means you’ll be able to use FedEx, UPS, USPS and other local carriers to access cheap shipping solutions to easily send your packages to the Philippines.

Does Apple US ship to Philippines?

The Apple Online Store Philippines is a Singapore based store that sells and ships to customers in Philippines. The Apple Store sells and ships products to end user customers only.

How much is custom clearance fee in Philippines?

The charge is PHP 420.00 per eligible shipment. A fixed amount paid to Customs for the forms used by the broker to declare entry of the shipments.

Will my US iPhone work in Philippines?

If the iPhone is a “world” model, it will work in every country. If the iPhone is GSM-only, it will work in most countries.

Can I put phone in Balikbayan box?

Electronics – such as televisions, cell phones, computer desktops, laptops, tablets (iPad, Samsung Tab series), gaming consoles (Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox), gaming controllers and remotes, and two-way radios to name a few.

Is sending mobile through courier safe?

It’s perfectly all right to send the mobile phone through courier from one place to another. There are some courier companies who charge certain percentage of your mobile handset value as insurance amount if you pay it alongwith the courier charges you will be more safe.