Question: Can I use TransferWise in Indonesia?

TransferWise, a leading global technology company for international payments and remittances, is now live and available in Indonesia with Instamoney, a Xendit company. This enables Indonesians and expats to make international money transfers from Indonesia easy, convenient and at a much cheaper rate.

Can I open a Wise account in Indonesia?

Open your IDR account in 5 easy steps.

Open a Wise account (or log in if you already have one). Click on “Balances” and then “Get started”. Complete your profile and upload your documents to verify your account for security. Activate Indonesian rupiahs and any of our other 45+ currencies in your account.

Can I transfer money to Indonesia?

Transfer your money from your BigPay account directly to Indonesia for an incredibly low fixed fee of RM5. 00 (yes, that may be cheaper than your nasi lemak). Download the FREE BigPay app to send money to Indonesia. Your 1st transfer is free!

What countries support TransferWise?

The list of TransferWise supported countries and currencies vary depending on the service offered. TransferWise has renamed itself to Wise.

Supported Wise / TransferWise Debit Card Countries.

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Australia Greece Norway
Austria Hungary Poland
Belgium Iceland Portugal
Bulgaria Ireland Romania
Croatia Italy Singapore

What is the cheapest way to transfer money to Indonesia?

The best ways to send money to Indonesia

  • Bank Transfer. Bank transfers are usually the cheapest option when it comes to funding your international money transfer with Wise. …
  • Debit Card. Paying for your transfer with a debit card is easy and fast. …
  • Credit Card. Paying for your transfer with a credit card is easy and fast.

How can I transfer money from Indonesia to TransferWise?

How to transfer money to Indonesia online?

  1. Register for free. Sign up online or in our app for free. …
  2. Choose an amount to send. Tell us how much you want to send. …
  3. Add recipient’s bank details. Fill in the details of your recipient’s bank account. …
  4. Verify your identity. …
  5. Pay for your transfer. …
  6. That’s it.

Can I open an Indonesian bank account online?

Unfortunately, most banks in Indonesia will not permit you to complete the process of opening a bank account online from another country. You may be able to start the process by downloading or completing an online application form.

How do I wire money to Indonesia?

How to send money to Indonesia in 3 easy steps

  1. Start your transfer. Pay in USD with your debit card or credit card, or send the money from your online banking.
  2. Get the best rate out there. Wise always gives you the real and fair mid-market exchange rate.
  3. Money is locally delivered.

Where can I send money to Indonesia?

You can remit money to Indonesia in three ways as described below:

  • Through bank accounts in the following banks: Bank Negara Indonesia. Bank Rakyat Indonesia. BCA bank. Bank BTN. Bank CIMB Niaga. Bank Danamon. Bank Mandiri. Bank Muamalat. Bank OCBC NISP. Bank Permata. …
  • For Cash pick-ups at POS Indonesia, and.
  • To LinkAja wallets.
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How can I send money to BRI Indonesia?

Send Money to Bank Rakyat in 5 Easy Steps

  1. For first-time users, download the Remitly app and create an account. …
  2. Enter the amount you wish to send.
  3. Choose Bank Rakyat as your Bank Deposit or Cash Pickup delivery method.
  4. Enter your recipient’s details as prompted.
  5. Enter your payment details.

Which banks work with TransferWise?

Novo and Stanford Federal Credit Union are our first partners in the US. By integrating with TransferWise, both Novo and Stanford FCU are the first in the US to offer the TransferWise price and experience through their websites and apps.

Can you send the same currency on TransferWise?

Domestic transfers between TransferWise users are free

That means it’s free to send the same currency to friends on TransferWise. Make sure you’ve both opened a balance first. And if you’re sending to a different currency, you’ll pay the low conversion fees we’re known for.

How many countries is TransferWise in?

The financial tech company Wise, formerly TransferWise, offers a cheap way to send money from the U.S. to about 80 countries.

Is PayPal available in Indonesia?

Send Payments, Pay Online, Merchant Account – PayPal Indonesia.

Is venmo in Indonesia?

The short answer is no. Venmo is not internationally supported, and the app is only available to US residents.

What is the best company to transfer money internationally?

Best Ways to Send Money Internationally

  • Wise.
  • OFX.
  • Xoom.
  • MoneyGram.
  • Western Union.