Is Nha Trang north or south?

Is Nha Trang North or South Vietnam?

Nha Trang, port city, southeastern Vietnam. The city lies at the mouth of the Cai River, 256 miles (412 km) northeast of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). … In 1653 it was incorporated into the territory of the Nguyen rulers of southern Vietnam and after 1802 into the kingdom of Vietnam.

Where is Nha Trang Bay?

Nha Trang Bay (NTB) is located on the Central Vietnam coast, western South China Sea. Recent coastal development of Nha Trang City has raised public concern over an increasing level of pollution within the bay and degradation of nearby coral reefs.

What province is Nha Trang in?

Nha Trang is a very safe place to backpack and travel. Violent crime against travelers is pretty infrequent. Petty theft is your biggest concern.

What kind of a city is Nha Trang?

listen)) is a coastal city and capital of Khánh Hòa Province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is bounded on the north by Ninh Hoà district, on the south by Cam Ranh town and on the west by Diên Khánh District.

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How much does it cost to live in Nha Trang?

Cost of Living in Nha Trang

Apartment rental (one bedroom), housekeeping, cable TV, and internet: $500
Groceries $125
Transportation (motorbike rental and gasoline) $80
Entertainment (eating out five nights a week, including beer or soft drinks): $350
Total $1,106

What is the zip code of Nha Trang Vietnam?

However, the best and easiest way to reach Nha Trang, especially for international tourists is by flying out to Cam Ranh Airport nearby. The next best option is to take the overnight train, available from any of the neighbouring cities.

Is Khanh Hoa a city?

Khanh Hoa has 2 provincial cities, 2 airports, an island district Truong Sa which is a large group of islands in the far east sea. The region of the province belonged to Kauthara – a political centre of the ancient Champa Kingdom in 8th AD century.

What is the other unpopular name of National Route 1a in Ho Chi Minh?

Ho Chi Minh Road or Ho Chi Minh Highway (Vietnamese: Đường Hồ Chí Minh) is a highway in Vietnam.

When was Nha Trang founded?

For a long time, Nha Trang was a small village, which population was mostly fishing to survive. Nha Trang started developing in the 17th century. The economy kept growing until the 19th century. As a resort, this region became famous during the French colonization period.

Is Da Nang or Nha Trang better?

Da Nang is much cleaner than Nha Trang, but Nha Trang has far less construction. Nha Trang has a nicer beach promenade, but Da Nang has a beautiful river walk. It really just depends what’s more important to you in a destination!

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What should I avoid in Vietnam?

11 Things You Shouldn’t Eat or Drink in Vietnam

  • Tap water. Might as well start with the obvious one. …
  • Strange meat. We don’t mean street meat, as street food in Vietnam is amazing. …
  • Roadside coffee. …
  • Uncooked vegetables. …
  • Raw blood pudding. …
  • Cold soups. …
  • Dog meat. …
  • Milk.

Is Nha Trang worth visiting?

So is Nha Trang worth visiting? Do I recommend Nha Trang as a travel destination? Hell yes! The city itself is a great place to lounge by the beach, visit a spa or go island hopping or diving off shore.