Frequent question: How do I set up PayPal in the Philippines?

Just visit PayPal.Me to create your link. If you already have a PayPal account, log in and generate your link. If you don’t, signup is fast and free. You can also grab your link from the PayPal.Me Profile section in your account settings.

Can you open a PayPal account in the Philippines?

Getting a PayPal account is easy!

Just sign up at and select “Philippines” as the country. Make sure to select “Philippine Peso” as the primary currency. PayPal accounts are FREE and you can link any Security Bank checking or savings account to your PayPal account.

How does PayPal work in the Philippines?

Buyers make a purchase through PayPal – whether it’s on eBay, online stores or merchant apps. Sellers receive payments in their PayPal account usually within minutes. We will notify both buyers and sellers on the payment and transaction details.

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Can I link my Philippine bank account to PayPal?

To start linking a new bank account, look for Wallet on the top bar, which will bring you to an overview of your current PayPal balance, as well as any linked credit or debit cards. Simply click on Link a bank account to start the process.

What bank does PayPal use in Philippines?

Listing here are the Banks and Paypal Code

BANCO DE ORO (& EPCIB) 10530667

How do I know if my PayPal account is verified Philippines?

The amount will be refunded after verifying your Paypal account using the EXPUSE number. Complete the verification process by typing in the EXPUSE number and clicking on the Verify Account link button. You will then receive a confirmation email from PayPal in your inbox regarding successful verification.

Can I receive money on PayPal without linking a bank account?

No, you don’t need a bank account to sign up for PayPal or to receive payments. You can, however, connect your PayPal account to a bank account, a debit card or a credit card account for sending and receiving payments and transferring funds.

How do I use PayPal cash in GCash Philippines?

How to Cash in with PayPal

  1. Log in to the GCash app. Select ‘Cash In’ on the dashboard. …
  2. Enter an amount. Indicate the amount you wish to add to your wallet (minimum ₱500.00). …
  3. Cash in Processing. A screen will be prompted to notify that the transaction is in progress. …
  4. Email Notification. …
  5. SMS Confirmation.
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How do I deposit into PayPal?

How to add cash with the app

  1. Go to the wallet and tap Add cash at stores.
  2. Choose a store, get a barcode, and show it at checkout.
  3. Money will be added to your balance, usually within minutes.

How do I put money into PayPal account?

How to add money to your PayPal account

  1. Log into your PayPal account and click “Transfer Money” under your balance on the home page. …
  2. On the next page, click “Add money to your balance.” …
  3. Enter the amount of cash you wish to transfer from your bank, then hit “Add.”

How do I convert dollars to pesos in PayPal?

How To Convert US Dollar To Philippine Pesos On PayPal?

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Go to your Wallet page.
  3. Click the Options icon beside the currency you want to convert which is USD.
  4. Click Convert currency. …
  5. Select the currency you want to convert to which is PHP and then click Next.

How long does it take PayPal to BDO?

By linking your PayPal account to your bank account, you can access the money in your PayPal account in the quickest and easiest way possible. The amount of money you can transfer will be based on the settings you set up. It can take up to five business days for the transfer to appear, depending on your bank.

Where can I cash out my PayPal in Philippines?

You can cash out at over 20,000 BancNet ATMs in the Philippines * or shop anywhere with the GCash MasterCard. Watch how easy it is to link your PayPal and GCash Accounts* Standard ATM withdrawal fees applies.

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Can I link my BDO debit card to PayPal?

Go to the “Profile” link which can be found in the Account tab and then select “My Money” from the drop-down list. 3. Find the bank account section, click “Update” link and fill up the edit fields with your bank account information, including BDO bank code for PayPal.

Is BDO accredited by PayPal?

Here are the steps on how to withdraw funds from PayPal.

UPDATED Complete List of Bank in the Philippines (with Paypal Bank Codes) Accredited by PayPal.

Bank Name Bank Code
BANCO DE ORO (& EPCIB) 010530667

Can I link GCash to PayPal?

Log in to the GCash app. Click on ‘Profile’ on the lower right corner of the screen, then tap on My Linked Accounts. 2. Select PayPal then nominate the PayPal email account you are linking to GCash and tap on ‘Link’.