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Kulas brings another batch of foreign friends to CDO

Just recently, 11 foreign friends of Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann explored Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao.   Just like his previous foreign visitors, Kyle did not just bring Shannon, Beth, Rowan, Jon, Robbie, Katelyn, Ben, Ian, Bronwyn, Aaron and Pete to the best places here but he also made sure that they experienced how it… Read more »

Meet Kyle Jennermann’s Girlfriend

Kyle Jennermann, the Canadian Kagay-anon and the man behind BecomingFilipino has finally revealed the love of his life… Cindy. Cindy is a scooter that has been with Kyle on his journey of exploring Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao. According to Kyle, Cindy is always good although she has been a jerk sometimes. Cindy has helped… Read more »

Jennermann: Four Reasons You Have To Come to Northern Mindanao, Region 10

A dear friend of mine Kyle Jennermann who has been spreading the good news and the good vibes about Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao that has reached as far as Yahoo, ABS-CBN, and The Filipino Channel has published his first blog entry entitled “Four Reasons You Have To Come to Northern Mindanao, Region 10.”… Read more »

Canadian Kagay-anon Kyle Jennermann reaches national TV, Yahoo

Kyle Jennermann’s love of the Filipino culture is truly immeasurable. He has been spreading smiles to the Filipino people especially to Kagay-anons. He has been into many activities that are uniquely Filipino like dancing budots, drinking tuba, driving trisikad, and hosting a fiesta. And recently, his story has already reached national television networks and international websites.  … Read more »

Kyle Jennerman survives the Philippine fiesta

One of the best ways to represent the Filipino culture is to host a fiesta celebration. This is the perfect time of the year when we display traditional Filipino dishes like lechon, humba, adobo, and desserts like sapin sapin and biko. Kyle Jennermann, a Canadian who found his new home in Cagayan de Oro hosted… Read more »

Six Foreigners in One City… THE VIDEO

Yesterday, I featured the three day journey of six foreigners namely Gabby, Andy, Barry, Karlie, Melissa, and of course Kyle in The Adventure Capital of the Philippines… Cagayan de Oro (see article HERE). Today, we will show you the video of their escapades in the city, in their attempt of becoming a Filipino. The video… Read more »