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Kasikas: JR Borja Bridge as of 6/2/2014

    The Max Suniel St cor Vamenta Blvd approach of the JR Borja Bridge is now being completed. The two-lane bridge is now connected to Vamenta, and is now being smoothed out to maintain road grade/level. CEPALCO, city telephone and utilities providers are yet to remove and rewire the posts blocking the way. On… Read more »

MUST To Unveil Arena Theater this June

School is drawing near, and MUST is rushing the final details on the newest Engineering Complex in front of CM Recto. Shown here is the newest feature, which sits atop the building. The arena theater or  theater in the round is a circular theater, with the audience surrounding the stage, much like an arena, but… Read more »

Pioneer House Nears Top-Off

The Pioneer House in Velez-Mabini Streets is nearing top-off. As seen in these pictures, the six-story building is on its last floor and workers are currently completing a few additions on the rooftop, which will probably house utilities such as the elevator. After the building structure is complete, glass panel cladding will start, and we already… Read more »

Kasikas: Centrio Tower Construction Update

The construction of Centrio Tower is already in full blast. As stated in the featured photo, Centrio Tower’s construction is already 19.05% complete. Centrio Tower is a joint venture of Ayala Land and Anflocor. This 23 story condominium is located at Ayala’s mixed use property in Cagayan de Oro.

Velez Street Intersections Now Painted with Lanes

As the impending expansion of the “Hapsay Dalan” campaign nears, more parts of the city roads are gradually being painted. As seen here, the intersection of Cruz Taal and Velez, as well as Gomez and Velez are now painted with outlines for pedestrian lanes and yellow boxes for loading and unloading. Initially, the team aims… Read more »

Somo Funeral Home Begins Reconstruction

After being burned down in the middle of 2013, Somo Funeral Home, one of the oldest funeral homes in the city, is starting its reconstruction efforts. As seen in the posted rendering, the new design is smaller, at just one story tall. It is also more modern, with glass and stone accenting the facade, following the… Read more »

Paseo del Rio Updates: Night Cafe and Flea Market Now Leasing

Paseo Del Rio is beginning to lease out planned spaces at the upcoming Night Cafe and Flea Market, which will be opened at the defunct Sports Zone Golf Area. Seen here is the current state: the area has been filled with soil and flattened, at a distance we see gravel being spread. Hopefully this will… Read more »

Kasikas: Gaisano Mall Food Court Renovation

The old, elongated format of the Gaisano Mall Food Court 4th floor is now transforming into a wide, entertainment center type facility as Gaisano continues on with interior renovations. As seen in the pictures, the new layout features a wider, more prominent stage, covering the glass windows. This goes in line with the mall’s trend of… Read more »

MUST Engineering Complex in Final Stages

MUST is gearing up for the new school year. With that, the Engineering Building is being unwrapped in its final form. The facade clearly shows the much higher elevation of the building. The glassed first floor lobby shows six units, presumably for commercial use. Meanwhile, the new entrance gate is being completed, and the railings… Read more »