SPOTTED IN CDO: A Robot With A Personality and A Drumset On Air

We were lucky enough to meet and play with Cozmo, and felt like rockstars with the Aerodrums, both first of their kind in the city!

Cozmo by Anki

Say hello to this little guy with big surprises! Cozmo is a real-life robot; a small one, but surprisingly big in personality. Feels like it’s straight out of a movie!

He doesn’t wait around to be interacted with. Instead, he bursts in enthusiasm, plays and learns on his own, making you want to hang out with him. He’s AI-powered; he changes moods and learns more and more as you let him explore, which makes him even more lovable.

You can let him perform tasks with your phone app or just let him play around on his own–he doesn’t mind. He’s like your pet without the fur!



Drumming on air, producing actual sounds? You got that right! Aerodrums is “the best drumset you’ve never seen!

It lets you play the drums like a rockstar minus the bulky physical set. It runs with a computer and an advanced camera that captures air-drumming gestures to produce sounds at par with a real drumset.

Aerodrums is the percussion instrument of the future! Learn more by clicking here.

The experience we had with these devices is a proof that CDO isn’t far behind in technology. Kagay-anons are tech-forward after all!

Credits to Edmund Salcedo for sharing his gadgets with us!