Goodbye and Thank You My Beloved Cagayan de Oro

You might have noticed that Tsada Gyud doesn’t have much updates for the past few months. Well folks, I have been busy preparing for something big that is about to happen in my life. I regret to inform you that I am now leaving Cagayan de Oro to pursue my career abroad as a US registered nurse.

As I am encoding this article, I am at NAIA Terminal 1 departure area waiting for my flight to Saipan, USA. Since yesterday, I have been very emotional as I now fully understand how it feels to be an OFW. The pain of leaving your family, friends, your country… your home.

I have to admit, I shed tears when the aircraft was about to leave Laguindingan Airport. But, just like millions of Filipinos abroad, I have a bigger dream for my self and my loved ones.

My dear Kagay-anons, thank you for being with me for the past three years. You are the most amazing readers in the world. With more than a million hits, this is something that I really did not expect. I hope that our updates have made you happy. Guess what, Tsada Gyud might have new writers soon.

To Nino, my brilliant IT, I just couldn’t thank you enough. Daghan salamat Nins sa tanan. To our contributors, Kim Zaldivar, Tom Udasco, Mike Seventeen, Jaysan Chee and to the entire Skyscrapercity Cagayan de Oro, you are all amazing. Continue your passion of promoting our city to the world.

As you move forward, you always leave something and someone behind. My dear Cagayan de Oro, goodbye for now. I’ll see you again in God’s time.

This is Michael Ray… now signing off.