Apple Tree lights up its Christmas Trees

It has begun to look and feel like the Holiday Season at Apple Tree Resort and Hotel as they lit up their Christmas Trees last night. Various special people from their partner foundations, press people, government and private sectors witnessed the spectacular event.

Unlike the usual Pine Tree, Apple Tree opted to have something unique and practical this year. The three Christmas Trees are made of coconut fronds that are readily found almost everywhere in a tropical country like the Philippines. What is hanging on these trees are not the typical Christmas balls but candid photos of poor children who at the very young age are already deprived of so many things. A true representation of Filipinos, the concept is simple but meaningful.

After the event, the guests were treated to a dinner buffet at the beach where traditional Filipino Christmas foods were prepared like Sapin-sapin and Puto. The kids of their partner foundation Gugma sa Kabataan received gifts from the resort.