Tasty Tuesday: Restaurant Damaso

It was the 10th of November 2015, me and my friend Joanne de la Calzada were looking for a good restaurant in Divisoria to celebrate her birthday. We wanted to cheat from our usual diet regimen but the heat of the sun was unbearable. So, we decided to try this new place near my office along Pabayo-Toribio Chavez Streets (the former Mom’s Corner)… Restaurant Damaso.

The Ambience 

With few paintings and wooden furnitures, the atmosphere is somehow French. It’s a good escape of the hustles and bustles of Divisoria.

The Real Deal

I always order the house specialty. But, it wasn’t my lucky day because their Fuego to Go Ribs and Grilled Porkchop weren’t available. Oh well, I tried their Kare-Kare instead while Joanne had Grilled Chicken Fillet. With a just a few chit-chats, our foods arrived. I was delighted to see a generous serving with salads and chips.

Kare-Kare with grilled squash, chips and salad

How about the taste? The moment the Kare-kare touched my tongue, I knew I had to smile. It was close to Wooden Spoon in Manila. I also tried the chicken fillet and as Joanne described it, it was cooked right and juicy.

The Comeback

Two days after, I went back to Restaurant Damaso for their house specialties. I ordered the Grilled Porkchop with chimichurri sauce. Did I like it? Yes but not as much as their Kare-kare.




The service was good. I commend the owner Jonathan Memphin for helping me find a table for two during my second try.


If you want quality restaurant food then try this restaurant. I am not good with compliments that I do not waste my time writing about a bad restaurant review. The only problem with Restaurant Damaso is parking space. It can really be tough.