Fantastic Spots of CDO

Do you need a breather? Here are some spots in the city that can give you a wider horizon.

Seda Hotel Club Lounge 

I find this place very intimate. This is one of the perks of staying in a club room at Seda Hotel Centrio. It has one of the best panoramic views of the city and to stay there with all day refreshments and cocktails, iMac stations and some good reading materials, one can truly recharge and relax.

Pioneer House CDO rooftop garden

This rooftop garden gives you a gentle touch of nature in the middle of Cagayan de Oro’s business district. Located at Pioneer House CDO along Velez Street (just across City Central), employees of Pioneer Insurance have daily access to this garden. This building is proudly a platinum LEED achiever. In other words, it’s a green building.

It was perfect timing when I visited this spot. It was sunset but the view didn’t give me that sundowner’s syndrome. Instead, I felt happy and relaxed while inhaling the cool breeze and enjoying the awesome view of Mindanao’s Gateway.

There you Kagay-anons. These are places that you may have not discovered yet. Yes, they aren’t far. You don’t even have to travel. They’re just in the middle of our very own city.