CDO is worth blogging for….

For the past two weeks, I haven’t updated this site. I am actually a nurse by profession and just recently, I decided to go back to the hospital after being away from the clinical practice for five years. I had to refresh my knowledge and skills especially that I am trained to be an operating room staff nurse.

While I was away from this site, I couldn’t help but notice the developments and the events that have been happening in CDO. Thanks to other blogs like CDODev for bringing the latests in the city. I just couldn’t help but be amazed that in my two weeks of absence there were lots of significant developments and happenings that took place in my vibrant home.

I just learned that heavy equipments are now spotted at the site of The Loop which is a strong sign that the construction is about to commence. Hey, there is a new mall in town and I am talking about the new Gaisano in Puerto. When I went to Opol last Saturday night for Valentine’s, it wasn’t just love in the air. Business was in the air too! The resorts and restaurants in that area were all packed with people and there were no space anymore for parking. Malls have been bringing the country’s famous faces in showbiz like Richard Yap and Jadine.  Lastly, I also got the chance to visit this place called Ultra Winds and I didn’t realize that just like High Ridge, that place is a perfect escape from all the manic scenes in the downtown.

All these and more are the reasons why I can hardly let go of blogging. There are so many good news and stories in Cagayan de Oro that have to be shared and known to everyone. Indeed, the City of Golden Friendship is worth blogging for.