Tasty Tuesday: Circa 1850

The popularity of “fast food” is strongly evident in busy urban centers like Cagayan de Oro. Alarmingly, many of these fast food products are prepared and cooked in bulk and heavily seasoned that are often high in preservatives, sugar, fat and calories. And the consequence? Many of us acquire heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Fortunately, there are restaurants in Cagayan de Oro that offer a yummier and healthier dining experience well suited for the foodies. One of them is Circa 1850, a newly opened European inspired restaurant located at the ground floor of Tune Hotel.

The grandiosity of the ambiance is perfect for those who do not just want quality food but quality time with their families and friends. Circa 1850 may look upscale but it is actually a restaurant that offers unpretentious dining experience. The foods here are not haute cuisine but mostly heirloom recipes that are exceptionally tasty and are prepared in large servings.

Eric Yap – Circa 1850 and Sentrio 1850 Vice President of Operations

Kagay-anons, dine with me as I introduce to you some famous and newly conceptualized dishes of Circa 1850 served light, healthy but just tasty.

Prawn Scotch Egg Salad

It is a bowl of mixed greens with mangoes, salad tomato and roasted sesame seed dressing. On top is an organic egg encapsulated in a shrimp mixture. Eat it by slicing first the egg. The yolk should be runny and should cascade to the bed of greens. It’s a salad with a twist!

Tuna Tartare Salad

A salad topped with cube sliced raw sashimi grade tuna from General Santos. It gives you a feeling of spiciness because of the Sriracha, a hot sauce originated in Thailand.

Beefsteak tomato salad

You might be thinking that it is a combination of beefsteak and salad. Not really. It is named after the variety of tomato used which is called beefsteak tomato which are typically large and juicy perfect for eating fresh from the harvest. This salad is topped with white goat’s cheese with olive oil and organic arugula, a Mediterranean herb commonly used in Italian dishes.

Uni Pasta 

Uni is the Japanese term of sea urchin. So, this pasta has sea urchin meats. It is quite briny but the sea urchin brings natural sweetness, a taste of the natural fauna of the sea.

Truffle cream pasta

It is a bowl of ribbon pasta in Truffle cream sauce. It has organic mushrooms harvested in Claveria. This dish is eaten with breads freshly baked by Circa1850.

Baked Fish with Ricotta Cheese

This recipe is not just perfect for the stomach but for the heart as well. The fish used is Alaska Pollock which is low in fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol, and is an excellent source of complete protein and minerals. It provides 537 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids per 4-ounce serving so it is really a great addition to your healthy diet.

Roasted Bone Marrow

Stimulate your appetite with the richness of roasted bone marrow served with parsley sauce. Spread the bone marrow to the bread and balance its richness with the sourness of the parsley sauce. Rest assured that that cow is grass fed grown in Talakag, Bukidnon.

Brine Porkchop

My favorite! This two inches thick pork chop can serve up to three people. It is tender and juicy that once you chew, you can’t resist but to have a slice of two… or more.

Bistecca Florentina

It is Circa’s best selling dish. A beef steak cut like sashimi and topped with arugula. We opted to have it cooked medium well. It was juicy and flavorful. Mind you, this family style steak can serve up to five pax.


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to shy away from fast foods, try Circa 1850. What they offer is slow food that is all good, clean and fair. Each diner is assured that the dishes served do not only taste good but healthy as well. The ingredients are outsourced from local producers that patronizes organic farming. Their kitchen is manned by chefs that are mostly gold medalist in Kumbira, Mindanao’s biggest and longest running culinary competition.

The Kitchen

Circa 1850 is located at Tune Hotel, CM Recto Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City. For reservations, you may call (088) 852 1850 or 0905 3511 850.