Kulas brings another batch of foreign friends to CDO

Just recently, 11 foreign friends of Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann explored Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao.


Just like his previous foreign visitors, Kyle did not just bring Shannon, Beth, Rowan, Jon, Robbie, Katelyn, Ben, Ian, Bronwyn, Aaron and Pete to the best places here but he also made sure that they experienced how it feels like to be a Filipino. They are batch of young people coming from Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and USA.

Kyle’s friends interacted with the locals in Mambuaya

The tour isn’t complete without the “sikwate” experience at Cogon Market.

Apart from experiencing the thrill of zip lines and white water rafting, they also went to Cogon and tasted the city’s sikwate, rode the motorela and got drunk in Corrales Avenue.

Enjoying the region’s most famous fruit drink

Outing in Manolo Fortich

The Karaoke experience is so Filipino

Here is the video that best summarizes their experience.