Proudly Kagay-anon: Paper Cutting Artist Dui Redondo

Sometimes the best things in life come to us through an accident….

It was summer of 2011, Darryl ‘Dui’ Salcedo Redondo was playing basketball when he accidentally broke his knee and endured the excruciating pain of bone dislocation. He cannot walk properly for a month and staying home was the best option to recover. One day, while watching TV he saw the interview of Jessica Soho to Albert Magsumbol, one of the first paper cutting artists in the Philippines. That ignited Dui’s passion to paper cutting.

The Art of Paper Cutting 

Paper cutting involves using scissors or a craft knife to cut shapes in papers and turn it into an art ( It started in China in the 6th century as a cultural piece posted on doors and windows to symbolize happiness and good luck.

Dui’s paper cut lampshades

Dui’s Journey to Paper Cutting

After watching Jessica Soho’s show, he got interested to try paper cutting. Fortunately, he has been enjoying doing this craft. Before he tried paper cutting, he was already into different forms of arts such as painting, doodle and sketching. That is why it was easier for him to master paper cutting but Dui admits that in his four years, he is still learning.

Dui’s design on Benjie S. Manuel’s creation

Dui wants to share his life story to everyone and at the same time expresses how thankful he is as a person to his family, friends and culture that serve as his inspiration. And he has done that through paper cutting. Today, Dui is the only paper cutting artist in Mindanao.

Favorite Masterpiece 

Dui’s favorite is “The Sendong Tree.” As a Kagay-anon, he finds it very meaningful as it tells a lot of stories of what happened to Cagayan de Oro when Typhoon Sendong hit the city on December 16, 2011. Thousand people were killed but many survived. Guess what? A mango tree had saved 50 residents in Isla de Oro (a small village along Cagayan de Oro River) at the height of the unprecedented flooding brought by Sendong.

The Sendong Tree

“The Sendong Tree” is the story of Kagay-anons and the city’s resiliency. While making it, Dui couldn’t help but feel anguished.

Greatest Achievement

Dui will have the honor of representing Cagayan de Oro to the First Paper Cutting Guild of the Philippines Exhibit in Manila on December 13-20, 2014. His entries are Mindanao Culture, Rafthon and Higalaay Festival.

From Left to Right: Mindanao Culture, Rafthon and Higalaay Festival.

Fast Forward

“I will become a successful artist who will help others learn about this art and I will also be one of the promoters of our city’s tourism by doing masterpieces that will show how beautiful Cagayan de Oro is.” These are the words of Dui when I asked him on how he sees himself few years from now.

More than just an artist

Aside from being an artist, Dui has other passions in life. He loves touring around Mindanao with his clubmates in a motorcycle club. This 25 year old young lad manages their family businesses that have something to do with fire equipment and t-shirt printing. He finished elementary at Cagayan de Oro Christian School and high school at Pilgrim Christian College. He was studying at Xavier University but temporarily stopped because he met another accident during a motorcycle ride in Lanao.

His message to aspiring paper cutters

“Everybody knows how to run but only a few runners end up to the finish line as a winner. The same goes for paper cutting. Everybody knows how to cut but if you don’t put serious attention to this craft then you won’t reach your desired goals. Always listen to people around you, the more suggestions the better. Let’s put the higalaay spirit in this craft. Let us help one another. Learn from me and I will also learn from you.”

Dui’s story is a strong testimony that there is a purpose and meaning in every pain and obstacle that we encounter. There may be times when life may seem cruel and unfair but they aren’t the end point of our lives. When Dui met that accident in 2011, he did not allow the pain to swallow him. Instead, he opted to stand up and recover. Who would have thought that while recovering, he would be able to watch a TV show that became a turning point of his life. He could have been playing basketball outside and missed it. He could not have been the great paper cutter that he is today.

Darryl ‘Dui’ Salcedo Redondo… paper cutting artist… Mindanao’s one and only… Proudly Kagay-anon.