NOW OPEN: BonChon at Centrio

BonChon Chicken, the phenomenal Korean fried chicken is already here in Cagayan de Oro. They opened their first branch in the city yesterday at Centrio Mall.

There are now more exciting reasons to eat fried chicken as Bon Chon serves them in different flavors… soy garlic, spicy and honey citrus. They also have a wide range of complementary offerings which include rice meals, seafood, bulgogi, sandwiches, noodles, snacks, salad and sides. For desserts, you may want to try Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt) in Blueberry Torte, Mango Sans Rival and Banofee Pie flavors plus Crispy Crepes in Mango and Cream, Apple Caramel and Strawberry Chocolate variants.

BonChon means “my hometown” in Korean. This restaurant originated in South Korea in 2002 and opened its first store in the Philippines in November 2010.

Photo by Maia Nery Fortich Poblete