Higalaay Movement… SOON

The City of Golden Friendship, the mother of all Kagay-anons here and abroad will soon give birth to a crusade that will further spread camaraderie and harmony in the city… The Higalaay Movement.

What started as a campaign last Kagay-an Festival 2014, Higalaay has evolved into a movement that will instil the CORE VALUES of Higalaay to the community… the values of unity, friendship and teamwork. This will gradually bring a positive change to the tarnished reputation of Mindanao, an island perceived as a place of terrorism and extremism.

The Higalaay Movement will be a collaboration of all sectors of various organizations, institutions and individuals in Cagayan de Oro that will focus on value formation and will capitalize the tagline “The City of Golden Friendship” by making the word HIGALAAY as the trademark of CDO. In our local dialect, higalaay means the act of friendship.

It will have exciting and first of its kind activities such as “Rafthon” that will further boost the tourism industry of Cagayan de Oro and Mindanao which will also be a venue of livelihood programs.

It will also support and recognize dynamic groups and creative individuals that have been bringing pride and honor to the city, advocacies and projects such as anti-drugs campaign, and extend helping hands to less fortunate children and will empower the youth by building leaders that will adopt the core values of higalaay.


Cagayan de Oro is best known as the Adventure Capital of the Philippines. When rafting became an attraction in the city, local and international tourists have been coming here to experience the adrenalin rush of white water rafting. Being the gateway to other exciting destinations like Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon and the paradise island of Camiguin, the city has emerged as a top tourist destination in the Philippines.

Guess what? The adventure doesn’t stop in Cagayan de Oro as a newly coined term “Rafthon” will soon be seen and experienced only here in CDO. Instead of triathlon, CDO will have Rafthon which is comprised of rafting and marathon. It will be a monthly sports event that will sustain the Higalaay Movement and at the same time promote sports and tourism in Cagayan De Oro.

Photo credits to the owner

Photo by Sean Oliver Moreno

A non-political and non-partisan movement that will set aside politics. No yellow, no violet , no rich and poor… the only requirement is love for the City.

The Higalaay Movement… SOON.