Daughter of CDO tycoon pioneers fashion business in China

Bonita Lim, the daughter of Alfonso U. Lim who is the president of Limketkai Sons, Inc. founded the first fashion business in China. She is the pillar of NuoMia Shanghai based design firm known for sustainable, eco-friendly and stylish fashion. The dresses they make are handmade using natural fibers.


One of their latest designs is the One Dress: A Dress for Every Woman, For Any Occasion. It is a collection of dresses made of high-quality, natural bamboo fiber which can be styled in more than 50 dresses. This is perfect for busy urban women who have to jump from one place to another, from office to business dinners and social events. One Dress is also meant for travellers who hate putting too much clothes in their luggage.

To know more about One Dress, click HERE.

Photos and videos courtesy from One Dress and Nuomi Shanghai