Soon in CDO: Bucket Shrimps

The restaurant business continues to flourish in Cagayan de Oro. And guess what? The new ones are located away from the city center which is a great idea to stay away from traffic jams. One of them is Cebu’s Bucket Shrimp which will open on November 6 along JR Borja Extension, just beside Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School.

Photo by Bucket Shrimp

So, if CDO has already experienced seafoods in a bag, this new restaurant will bring to your table their seafoods in a bucket. They also provide their diners paper bibs and tissues.

Photo by Bucket Shrimp Facebook Page


From what I heard, this restaurant is really a hit in the Queen City of the South. Cebuanos have to make a reservation in order to secure a seat.

Kagay-anons… it’s November 6. Save that date for your foodie adventure.