Tasty Tuesday: Zamboanga’s Pride Alavar’s Seafood and Grill

Zamboanga City… Asia’s Latin City and is blessed with the seemingly endless bounty of the sea. Here, you can find that crustacean that looks like a cockroach… the spanner crabs with a local Chavacano name “Curacha.” So, one of the most exciting activities that you should not miss in Zamboanga is to treat your self to seafood restaurants especially at Alavar’s Seafood House.

Fortunately, Kagay-anons do not have to travel far anymore to have a taste of Zamboanga City’s most popular seafood restaurant. Alavar’s Seafoods and Grill is now in Cagayan de Oro and they have been serving Kagay-anon diners since last month. Unlike the typical seafood restaurant, they don’t have a seafront view or crisp sea breezes because they are located in Buena Oro, Aluba, Macasandig.

So, the million-dollar question is… what makes them stand out? Without any hesitation, it is their foods! Their foods truly deliver and give full satisfaction to enthusiastic seafood eaters like me. Okay, I have to admit that I had eaten their shrimps with lemon butter sauce, kinilaw, Bicol express, crispy pata and scallops. They were all so… good! But the dish that really captured my senses was their crabs topped with their secret ingredient… the Alavar’s sauce.

Bicol Express with Alavar’s Sauce


This is not an exaggeration but of all the seafood restaurants that I have tried here and abroad, Alavar’s has the best tasting crab because of their home made sauce. I don’t know what’s with it but all I know is that it is coconut based which is thick and creamy. It has effortlessly made the crabs tastier, sweeter and added a delicate flavor to the world’s most celebrated crustacean. Unfortunately, we did not have the spanner crab because it was out of stock then but who cares? I just had the meatiest amazing red crab oozing with overwhelming fats. It tasted like I did not care if I died on the spot.

Alavar’s has special bagoong too. It’s a perfect pair of green mango, kare-kare, or you can even just eat it with rice. Yeah, that good!

Eating at Alavar’s is like having a quick escape in a relaxing house in the province. Some restaurants in CDO have ambiance that offers glamour and conspicuous decadence. At Alavar’s, the bamboo interior has made the atmosphere less formal but homey… no pretensions, just good food and good vibes.

Ms. Tessie Alavar – One of the pioneers of Alavar’s Seafood House which all started at Kawa Kawa Boulevard, Zamboanga City

So, if you are craving for seafoods, call a cab and grab a crab at Alavar’s Seafood and Grill. Their sweet bagoongs and Alavar’s Sauce are also available at the Pasalubong Center, East Wing, Limketkai Mall.