Tasty Tuesday: Wonder Cup… crunchy sisig made by CDO nurses

Filipino nurses here and abroad are the world’s best. What makes them stand out is that they do not only excel in the clinical area but in other fields as well. In Cagayan de Oro, who would have thought that a group of smart, driven and undeniably young nurses (somewhere in their late 20s) would be successful entrepreneurs. They are living proof that nurses who have chosen to stay in the Philippines are dedicated and well determined to achieve success contrary to the painful remark posted on Facebook that nurses who are still here are professional left-overs.


Wonder Cup opened around two months ago at Paseo del Rio Flea Market and Night Cafe which is one of Cagayan de Oro’s newest attractions. They offer specially made savory dishes that mostly start with S… sultry curry, siomai love, sassy stroganoff, sexy sisig, and their latest humpy humba. What is so surprising is that this food stand isn’t owned by people who have been to business school or culinary institutions but by the so called “angels in the sick room” namely Des, Eve, Karen, Micu, Dana, Diana, and Jerome.

I was fortunate enough to have a free taste of their delectable dishes. What was served to me first was their siomai which they call “Siomai Love (show my love).” Believe me, these Chinese dumplings are made in Iligan and proportionately the ground meat overpowers the wonton wrappers which is good for meat lovers like me.

I thought that was good enough not until I tasted their sisig. This isn’t served on a hot and sizzling platter. Rather, it’s in a cup as a rice topping with crunchy Slers chicharon and seasoned with calamansi. The moment it touched my palate, it just made its way so easily to my heart. It’s the first sisig I tried in the city served with a generous amount of chicharon. For 55 pesos only, this dish is also an ultimate companion for a cold beer.

If you want to treat your friends without hurting your pocket, bring them to Wonder Cup. Aside from their foods and drinks, they also have a coin-operated karaoke machine so you can sing your heart out while enjoying great food and drinks. And knowing that this business is run by nurses, I am confident enough that everything is prepared with utmost cleanliness.

They accept 3 hours advance orders for lunch and anytime for dinner till 9pm, just call 09177014447.

Despite the limited opportunities for the nursing profession in the Philippines and the very slim chance to get rich, the men and women of Wonder Cup have proven the fact that Filipino nurses are productive and useful citizens of this country. I can’t help but admire them not just because they’re my friends but they’re my colleagues as well.