TXS Stages Murder and Mystery in “Ten Little Indians”

Don’t let the title mislead you. While it may sound like an innocent nursery rhyme, Ten Little Indians is a murder mystery play based off of the 1965 flick of the same name, also based from renowned crime novelist Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Was None.” For the uninitiated, you might be a bit familiar with the storyline, as it has been covered by quite a few mediums already, including stage, film, television and even radio.

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Ten Little Indians is a story of 10 strangers brought together in a very remote island by a mysterious host. Each of them have been invited for different reasons. With all of them on a beautiful island, what could go wrong? The story, as well as being serious, infuses comic relief, bringing the audience an alternating emotion of shock, suspense, and laughter. The mix effectively drives the story home.

The play is the first of The Xavier Stage’s new season called “Mysterio,” a series of stage plays using murder/mystery themes. Coming from a guy who loves murder mystery and detective movies, this is quite a treat.

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As always, The Xavier Stage brings its master craft together, blending the magic of stage, lighting and sound design, and of course, superb acting, creating a seamless show. The experience is quite amazing as well, as one preview guest puts it, everything is well thought of and well put, that it seems as if we are all watching a movie, of course with real live actors which makes it all the more breathtaking. And no, this is not an exaggeration 🙂

Ten Little Indians will start tonight (Premiere show, tickets at P100) at 7:30. Gala shows on the following days have tickets priced at P75.00.

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