Litrato: Kasalang Filipino 2014

Kasalang Filipino 2014 happened last weekend. Local and national wedding suppliers came in to exhibit their products and services, while events such as a fashion show and some workshops for wedding preparation take place. Here are photos.

IMG_0206 (Small) IMG_0203 (Small) IMG_0211 (Small) IMG_0216 (Small) IMG_0220 (Small) IMG_0202 (Small) IMG_0197 (Small) IMG_0213 (Small) IMG_0215 (Small) IMG_0219 (Small) IMG_0218 (Small) IMG_0210 (Small) IMG_0217 (Small) IMG_0204 (Small) IMG_0201 (Small) IMG_0209 (Small) IMG_0205 (Small) IMG_0222 (Small) IMG_0207 (Small) IMG_0221 (Small) IMG_0199 (Small) IMG_0223 (Small) IMG_0214 (Small) IMG_0212 (Small)


Photos by Ninonins