Kagay-an Pyro Festival 2014 Lit up CDO Skies

The sky went wild last Sunday night as SM City, ABS CBN, and fireworks vendors got together in the Kagay-an Pyro Festival 2014. Five contenders blasted their colorful fireworks while hundeds of Kagay-anons filled the SM, outer beacon and Pueblo Business Park areas to marvel at the spectacle.

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Team Cagayan de Oro won the competition, using marvelous set of fireworks set to the music of hit songs such as Frozen’s Let it Go.

The next fireworks event for the City Fiesta will be a Pyromusical, at the City Hall/Du-aw Park on the night of August 28. It will be presented by Dragon Fireworks, the same guys who won the World Pyronale Championships in Berlin, Germany.

TsadaGyud watched the entire spectacle on Primavera Residences, Cagayan de Oro’s eco-friendly home, with amazing 360 degree views of uptown Cagayan de Oro and a glimpse of the busy downtown, and of course, an amazing view of the fireworks.