Litrato: The Final Approach at Laguindingan Airport

Two brilliant photographers discovered a scenic place for plane spotting in Laguindingan. Vincent Tom Udasco and Kim Zaldivar went to this place called Birhen Sa Moog in Laguindingan where one can take a dip of its clear sea water or enjoy the beautiful landscape while watching airplanes on their final approach to Laguindingan Airport.

It took skills to capture these photographs. But it required more skills to come up with a photo that appears to be real. What do I mean? One of these photos is 100 percent real and the other one is not. Can you spot which one isn’t real?

The second photo by Kim Zaldivar is 100 percent real. Tom Udasco’s shot is a composite. According to Tom, a composite is a photo which is actually composed of several pictures that are layered together. It can come up with an illusion that such picture is a product of a single shot. In this case, Tom layered three JPEG pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Tom just wanted to capture two precious moments in one photo, the kid’s overflowing excitement as he dived to the water and the final approach of the country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines.

Photo by Kim Zaldivar and Vincent Tom Udasco