Party with the country’s youngest hip hop female DJ at the Lifestyle District

The beautiful people of Cagayan de Oro shouldn’t be sleeping this August as the city will have series of events and parties that will lasts until the early hours of morning.

One of the interesting personalities that will grace CDO’s party scene in the upcoming days is DJ Issa Ramos. At the age of 15, she is the first ever Filipino club DJ to be discovered in Singapore. She is also currently named as youngest hip hop female DJ.



Catch DJ Issa together with DJ Khai Lim, DJ Cammy V., MC Marga, and DJ Clyde Harris in a party dubbed as “Prohibition” on August 23 at the Lifestyle District. Tickets are now available in all establishments at Lifestyle District for P350 which is already good for two events, Prohibition on August 23 and ElektroMundo on August 30.

Photo credits: DJ Issa Ramos Facebook Page and The Lifestyle District