Fitness First Means Safety First


One of the essentials in maintaining fitness is exercise. Fortunately, Cagayan de Oro has an accessible and affordable sports facility to engage on those physical routines where one can jog, swim, and play sports like football. Located in the middle of downtown CDO is Pelaez Sports Center where the entrance fee for the swimming pool and the track and field are P100 and P15 respectively. Yes, that cheap.

However, the last time that I jogged at Pelaez was a disappointing experience. The rubber matts are in terrible condition. They were dilapidated that formed holes and humps. I bumped and almost fell few times. God forbids but if someone falls and gets injured because of these neglected facilities, who would be held liable? Is it the provincial government of Misamis Oriental that manages the sports complex?

People pay for the use of the sports complex. Where do these daily collections go? One can’t separate safety from health. I just hope that whoever is responsible for the maintenance of Pelaez Sports Complex has seen this as a serious matter that needs to be dealt with the soonest. In the Philippines, people in authority have the tendency to react only after something bad happens.

Photo by Mike Sivintin SnapShots