Primavera Residences holds Wellness Day

Primavera Residences joined the entire nation in celebrating the Nutrition Month with an event dubbed as “Primavera Wellness Day” held last Saturday at the second floor of the said residential condominium.


Since it was all about “wellness,” Primavera prepared three interesting activities that could help the participants achieve a healthier body, mind, and soul. The event kicked off with a healthy cooking demonstration by Chef Ivy Carla Trapero of Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. Chef Ivy showed three easy to prepare recipes; coleslaw, granola bars, and pepperoni bruschetta. These foods are considered healthy because of their low sugar, low carbohydrate, and low calorie contents. After the demonstration, Chef Ivy continued her talk about achieving ideal body weight and fat percentage.

The second part was all about physical fitness. Coach Noel Villa of the CDO Rugby Club tackled a topic entitled “Dynamic Training Approach.” This talk taught the participants not just exercise routines but all the essentials about physical fitness such as eating in accordance to the food pyramid.



Lastly, Primavera’s Wellness Day ended with a Yoga party with Julie Bonita Corrales of The Yogahome. Western science is starting to acknowledge the benefits of yoga such as improving the body’s strength, flexibility, circulation, boost the immune system, and can even alleviate depression.

It was indeed a holistic day for everyone who joined Primavera’s Wellness Day. After all, health doesn’t only pertain to a healthy body but it also includes healthy mind and soul.

Primavera Residences is the first eco-friendly residential condominium in Mindanao. It is the 2014 Best Mixed Use Development in the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Property Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To know more about this award winning condominium in Cagayan de Oro, visit their blog site here.