Laguindingan Airport and its vast potential

Serving more than 1.8 million passengers a year despite its flight limitations, Laguindingan Airport could be the next airline hub in the near future. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), the installation of navigational instruments is set to be completed before the year ends (hopefully). Since then, this airport will be capable of accommodating night flights and that means more flights and more options for passengers. Bad weather conditions would no longer cause much flight cancellations. Thanks god! Kagayanons will be free from doing drastic measures such as going as far as Davao International Airport just to avoid flight cancellations. And what’s more exciting is international flights will soon be serving this part of the country.

Right now, CAAP has so many promising plans for Laguindingan Airport such as building an additional terminal building. But with the government’s trend of building projects in a span of twenty years or more, it will no longer be a surprise that these plans will be materialized in the year when the design is already obsolete and the actual volume of passengers has already exceeded than the projected growth or number.

One can only hope that CAAP, under the leadership of Lt. General William Hotchkiss will make that noise to the government that the upgrade of Laguindingan Airport is really important and urgent. It is every Kagayanon and Mindanaoan’s dream to have an efficient and convenient airport, a true gateway, and a launchpad towards global competitiveness.

Photo by Mike Sivintin SnapShots