CDO traffic surveillance cameras to be operational soon

Despite the efforts made by the Local Government Unit to improve the traffic situation in Cagayan de Oro, there are still abusive drivers who commit violations from time to time such as beating the red light. This problem will soon be addressed as the city’s traffic management will start operating the surveillance cameras installed in 51 stations throughout the city in time for the upcoming Kagay-an Festival. Tsada Gyud got this news from Mindanao Gold Star Daily.

Installations of these Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras can also help in solving crimes in CDO with their capacity to identify suspects. In London alone, there are six crimes a day that are solved because of CCTV (source BBC).

This will somehow raise the confidence of Kagayanons and visitors. At the same time, this will discourage deviants from committing crimes knowing that there are cameras monitoring the city streets.