Litrato: The Eastern Side of CDO

This photo shows the greater Gusa area. The most visible structure on the left side is Capitol University Medical City (CUMC). Also seen in this photo is the church seated on top of a hill, the San Lorenzo Ruiz Filipino-Chinese Community Church. It has been a favorite venue for church weddings for it offers a 360 degree view of Cagayan de Oro and Macajalar Bay. Near to this church is a wide plateau called Mountain Meadows. That property is already acquired by Megaworld which could be a site of a township or an upscale gated community in the future. And in the sea side is the last prominent structure that can be identified in this shot which is the under construction coastal road project. This is a diversion road that will connect the eastern portion of CDO (Gusa) to the west (Opol area) without passing through the busy downtown roads of Cagayan de Oro.

Photo by Vincent Tom Udasco