Tasty Tuesday: Cecil’s eclair

This dessert reminds me of my college days. And it reminds me of that homey Cecil’s Bakeshop that used to stand across Xavier University where Ateneans loved to hangout. During lunch or snack breaks, we always had this eclair on our plates.

It’s an oblong pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate. That oblong shape is made of a crispy dough which is a perfect match of its soft custard cream filling.

In less than a minute or two, my entire eclair was gone. Yes, it’s really that yummy. After all, eclair has a French origin which means flash of lightning. So, eclairs are made to be eaten quickly like a flash.

When was my last bite of this creamy and chocolatey dessert? I can’t even recall. Well, I’m about to take my lunch. See you in a few minutes my long lost friend Eclair…. =)

Photo by Cecils Bakeshop and Snack Inn Facebook Page