CAAP plans to put up additional terminal at Laguindingan Airport

CAAP has revealed its plan of putting additional terminal building and facilities at Laguindingan Airport.

In an article published by Sun Star Cagayan de OroCAAP Chief William Hotchkiss enumerated the reasons why there is a strong need to build another terminal building at Laguindingan Airport. First, the airport was constructed based on a 20 year old study that is capable of accommodating 1.6 million passengers per year. In 2013, CGY has around 1.8 million passengers already. This data is expected to significantly increase in the next few years. And once the installation of precision instruments are done, this airport will have night flights and will have international flights as well.

CAAP has already admitted that the construction of Laguindingan Airport was materialized based on an obsolete study. Is this really how government agencies work? We need some dose of efficiency, a government that is proactive rather than reactive.