TsadaGyud Reaches the 1-Million Milestone

A year and a half ago, we started this local blog with a vision of reaching out to Kagay-anons in Northern Mindanao and around the world, bringing them together in good news and progress updates. A vision of bridging the gap of Kagay-anons living overseas, making them feel at like they never left home, in ever article we write. A vision of painting a beautiful Cagayan de Oro to the world, so we can bring the world to Cagayan de Oro.

Today, we have reached a new milestone in our dream. Our first million views proves that we are not alone in this dream, that the vision which drives us is met with readers who truly appreciate what we do. Today we have validated that we did the right thing.

To our readers, thank you is not enough. So we promise to tread onwards, to improve and bring more new things for you. We promise to raise Cagayan de Oro’s flag. We promise to bring good news to you, everyday.

Thank you for trusting us.