Litrato: Cagayan de Oro’s Landmarks

There are certain structures in the city that become important landmarks to us Kagay-anons. When we see them even from a distance, we can easily recognize what they represent. Here are Cagayan de Oro’s famous landmarks.


Although I do not know its exact name but I am certain that it belongs to Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School. It is an old wooden structure made of capiz windows. At first glance, you already know that this building also reminds you of Pelaez Sports Center for you can only see it when you get inside the sports complex.


This historical marker had welcomed guests, Kagay-anons, and balikbayans for decades. Seeing it provided a sense of comfort and relief especially to Kagayanons who had been away from home for months and even years.


When you see this, you know you’re in Bulua. Every Kagay-anon knows that Bulua is famous for clay jars and pots.


Once you see this white hotel seated on a hill, you know that you’re home. If you’re on a sea vessel, Pryce Plaza is the first structure of Cagayan de Oro that can be seen from Macajalar Bay before anything else.


From dusk till dawn, visible or almost invisible, we know that this tallest building in the city is Limketkai Luxe Hotel. Though it’s new but its height has made it the most prominent structure in the city which can be seen as far as Primavera Residences in Uptown Cagayan de Oro, Kauswagan in the west, and in the seaside in Bugo in the eastern portion of the city.

These structures do not just represent an institution or a place. When you see them, you know you’re in one place… one city… one culture… one people… Cagayan de Oro.

Photos by Vincent Tom Udasco