Tasty Tuesday: Cheesy Sponge by Missy Bon Bon

One day, I was dead tired from a two hour workout. My tummy was telling me to take my afternoon snack (my only snack of the day). I didn’t feel like eating my usual protein based snack so I decided to cheat. I headed to Missy Bon Bon and saw this bun sprinkled with cheese….

cheesy sponge

Photo by Missy Bon Bon

Yes, what I had was Cheesy Sponge. It is a chiffon-like pastry that has a yema filling and sprinkled with grated cheese.

I just took it out of curiosity but when I took my first bite, it felt like I was floating on top of a heavenly pastry cloud. Yes! That good! It is so soft and the yema filling was sinful. I didn’t mind consuming the extra calories.

From that day on, when I think of Missy Bon Bon, I don’t just think about their ice cream. I always make sure that when I drop by their stores, I always have a bun or two or three or more of their cheesy sponge. Well, at least on cheat days.

Primary Photo by Missy Bon Bon Facebook Page